Red Dog sitting on the grass

What tricks can Red Dog do?

Dogs have a way of drawing people together and Red Dog, an adored member and official junior mascot of the Queensland Reds, is no exception.

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Red Dog

What Red Dog Has Been Up To

We’re so proud of everything that Red Dog has achieved over the past three years.

We have put together this short video showing Red Dog hard at work and loving every minute.

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‘Stop the 77’ program to reduce risk of dog bites

When 77% of bites come from their family or a friend’s dog, that’s an opportunity for education that anyone who loves kids or dogs simply cannot ignore.

dog in park

Poo, the Dog’s Watching Us

As dog lovers and dog guardians, we have all experienced our dogs watching us intently as they poop.

There are many theories as to why our dogs do this. They are not simply trying to enjoy the moment with you or looking at you out of embarrassment wishing you wouldn’t watch in what we believe should be a very private moment. Nor are they looking at you as if you are their slave, knowing that you will have to pick it up and dispose of it.

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Puppy on bed

Do you have an early waking puppy?

One of the most common questions we get about new puppies is “How do I get my puppy to sleep through the night? It always wakes up around 3:30 in the morning wanting to play.”

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Jordan Dog Training - Dog and Hugs

Dogs and Hugs

As humans, we dearly like to think that dogs want and enjoy hugs from us.

We use hugs to show affection, empathy and love. However, dogs have their own form of body language, which includes a range of postures and dynamic interactions.

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Jordan Dog Training - Blog

Pack Leader – Dominance, Aggression or Leadership?

Outdated and superseded methods have persisted in the dog training arena

Principles in dog training have changed over the years as our understanding of canine social structures and behaviours have advanced. Many outdated and superseded methods have persisted in the dog training arena despite being shown to be unnecessarily aggressive, yielding poorer results and creating stressed out and fearful dogs.

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Jordan Dog Training Press

Aggression at the dog park: Dog behaviour explained

Recently, Jordan Dog Training provided advice for dog owners in the Pine Rivers Press, after an unfortunate incident resulted in the sudden death of a schnauzer puppy, who was attacked by a larger dog at a northern Brisbane dog park.
As experts in dog behaviour and training, we’ll talk about common issues dog owners face at a dog park and provide tips on how you can ensure your dog has a safe, fun time in off leash areas. We’ll also give advice on what you can do if tension starts to rise at a dog park.

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Telstra Business Awards

We’ve been nominated for the Telstra Business Awards

A humbling thank you to those that nominated Jordan Dog Training for the Telstra Business Awards.

George the piglet

George the piglet goes to puppy school

You may know that Jordan Dog Training run classes to help puppies socialise and to help train them (and their owners). But did you know we’ve recently trained a piglet?