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Pet References for Rental Properties

Offer your landlord or property manager a clear understanding of your pet. Our Pet Reference means we not only boost your chances of success but also give them peace of mind. Ready for stress-free applications and a happy home for you and your pet? Let Jordan Dog Training pave the way to your dream rental property.

Jordan Dog Training Is On Your Side!

Anyone who rents, knows how difficult it is to get your application accepted when you’re looking for a new property. If you have dogs, it is even harder.

Here at Jordan Dog Training, we understand that and are here to help by giving a reference for your dog giving your rental application an advantage.

Even with the changes to the Tenancy Act which means landlords can no longer have a blanket ban on pets, many clients have reported how landlords and property managers have reservations about approving animals within their property.

  • How do they know that the dog has been well trained?
  • What kind of temperament does the dog have?
  • Is the prospective tenant a responsible pet owner?

Our Pet Reference for Rental Properties service was developed to help landlords and property managers feel more confident about approving tenants with dogs, and in turn help pet owners become more successful with their rental applications.

How does Pet Assessment work?

Our trainer comes to your current residence to meet you and your dog.

They’ll gain information about your dog’s routine, sleeping schedule, cleanliness, general temperate, manners, obedience, general health and lifestyle as well as witness how your dog interacts with a new person in their home environment.

All the information gathered will be entered into a clear report that will be emailed to you, and that you can provide to as many real estates as necessary for the properties you are applying for.

When you send through these PDFs with your future rental applications, the property manager gains a much better understanding of your dog and you as a pet owner – giving them and the land lord peace of mind knowing that Jordan Dog Training believes your dog exhibits positive behaviour, has been well trained and would be a good tenant in their property.

Enquire About A Pet Reference

Why would a Property Manager be interested in this reference?

A property manager’s responsibility is to ensure that a landlord’s property remains well maintained. Most property managers have encountered tenants with dogs who were not well trained, and where property was damaged as a result.

With our Pet Reference, property managers and landlords can look through the results from our time with the owner and the dog, and determine if our findings are suitable for the rental property involved.

Our lead assessor Jess has come from a background in Real Estate herself – so she knows exactly what property managers and landlords need to hear/see to relax their nerves when leasing their property. With a love and true passion for all dogs as well as helping people, coupled with experience of routine inspections and leasing tenancies, she knows precisely what to look for when checking conditions of properties with dogs. You can be assured that our trainers give you a fair and truthful reference to provide to the property manager, to help get your family into your new home.

While it’s not a guarantee, having an independent third party assessment of a dog, especially from a trusted and respected company such as Jordan Dog Training is certainly better than accepting a pet on a rental application without any knowledge of the pet in question.

Since we are dedicated and qualified dog trainers, property managers can be assured we know what types of behaviour to look for. Many of our trainers are also renters themselves, so they are extremely aware of the needs of property managers and landlords, as well as what is expected of tenants and pets.

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