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dog in park

Poo, the Dog’s Watching Us

As dog lovers and dog guardians, we have all experienced our dogs watching us intently as they poop.

There are many theories as to why our dogs do this. They are not simply trying to enjoy the moment with you or looking at you out of embarrassment wishing you wouldn’t watch in what we believe should be a very private moment. Nor are they looking at you as if you are their slave, knowing that you will have to pick it up and dispose of it.

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A dogs promise

A dog’s promise…

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I promise….

To bark until I make you crazy

To chew up your favourite shoes

To dig holes in every garden you build

To shed in places you didn’t know possible

To drool on every window of your home

To introduce you to new people who will expand your life

To life your burdens when they feel heavy

To teach and share with you the meaning of unconditional love

To make you laugh

To teach you to believe in things unseen

To expand your heart like never before

… that is my promise

Jordan Dog Training - how to train a puppy

How to train a puppy

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Finally, someone understands how to teach me

  1. Roll up a newspaper and keep it handy
  2. When you discover a mess I made or something precious I chewed, pick up the newspaper
  3. Smak yourself on the nose and say “I should have been watching my puppy!”
  4. Repeat as necessary