Red Dog with Union players

Want to train your dog like Red Dog?

If you’ve spotted a lively Aussie Red Cattle dog on the fields of a Queensland Reds match, you’ve had the pleasure of being entertained by Red Dog, the official junior team mascot.

As a pup, Red demonstrated a knack for quickly picking up new skills. He has delighted many with his talent for tricks and continues to charm audiences with his incredible memory and agility.

If this sounds impressive and you’d like to teach your dog some of Red’s tricks, read on to find out our five top tips for effective training!

How to train a dog 101

Just like human infants, the first few months of a puppy’s life is the time when they are the most receptive to formal dog training methods.

Make the most of this formative period by familiarising them with the outdoors and introducing them to different people and pets in a supervised setting. If they are not exposed and properly socialised, dogs may become anxious.

Red began training very early on, which has contributed to his flair for entertaining.

Consistency is key

While you are undertaking puppy training, everyone in your household must be consistent with the chosen methods. The same words need to be used by every family member in order to reinforce the command.

Let your pup know which parts of the house are off-limits, so you don’t find that your four-legged buddy has decided to claim your bed for himself!

A patient, uniform approach is best.

Reward vs. Reprimand

Here at Jordan Dog Training, we recognise that dogs respond better to reward than reprimand and this is precisely how Red Dog was trained to be the amazingly obedient pooch he is.

If you show that you are pleased with your pup when they do the right thing, they will be more likely to respond positively. Dogs won’t want to approach someone who appears infuriated, so if they don’t come when called, adopt a high, pleasant voice and clap your hands. When they do return to you, treat them!

We advise that you only scold your dog for serious undesirable behaviours such as jumping up on strangers, excessive barking or biting.

Furry Favourites

In order to make your reward system as appealing as possible, find out what your pet enjoys the most—Red Dog adores dried liver treats and playing fetch with a tennis ball—so these have become his go-to rewards.

Observe how your pooch reacts to different games and foods. If you notice that they love catching their Frisbee, indulge them in a game when they obey commands.

Reinforcement is man’s second best friend

Remember that some dogs learn faster than others, so persistence is key.

Create a regular training schedule to devote time to reinforcing dog obedience training.

Don’t give up!

If your dog is past puppyhood, don’t assume that they can’t reap the benefits of expert advice. Jordan Dog Training has a fantastic dog obedience course for hounds of all ages, not just those needing puppy preschool.

We love nothing more than strengthening the bond between pooches and their owners by helping them to communicate more effectively. Our staff believe in dealing with the source of bad behaviour in order to provide the assistance that each canine deserves to reach its potential.

We hope to see you and your furry pal soon!