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Using common sense in dog parks

Pine Rivers Press article on dog parks Sep 2014

Hounded out of dog parks? Problem pets see owners abandoning dog off-leash areas. Read the article in Pine Rivers Press that includes comments by Justin Jordan about how owners can use common sense to minimise problems.

Article Reads:

Dog of an act 

FRUSTRATED dog owners want tighter restrictions and policing of dog off-leash areas in Pine Rivers. They claim there are a growing number of uncontrolled pets and aggressive owners whose actions are making the parks unsafe. 

Hounded out of dog parks 

The dog-eat-dog world of Pine Rovers’ off-leash parks has left some pet owners vowing to never go back.

Dog trainers and owners have called for more park patrols by Moreton Bay Regional Council and education of pet owners.

Griffin dog trainer Claudia Rivera, from Sunshine Dreams Pet Supplies and Services, said many people did not control their pets and were unaware of basic dog park etiquette.

“Anti-social behaviour is very common,” Ms Rivera said. “I don’t expect the council to put someone in every dog park, but just like we have rangers in rainforests, I think Rangers should check dog parks. If people are aware council is out and about, they will continue to use the parks and do the right thing.” Ms Rivera said through her work she had encountered dogs that needed to be re-socialised after a bad incident at a dog park.

“It gets to the point where people won’t take their dog to an off-leash park as it only takes one bad incident and it ruins a dog,” she said.

A council spokesmand said parks were patrolled regularly and etiquette guidelines were displayed at all off-leasd areas. But many on the Press Facebook page said they no longer user the parks. Sonja McMullen said: “I only walk my dog on the lead now; have given up on dog parks. Too many don’t supervise of take responsibility for their animals.”

Kex McKenzie added: “Saw a dogfight a few months ago and had to go to court as a witness. I used to love dog parks, but now I steer clearn.”

Justin Jordan, from Jordan Dog Training, said pet owners had to use common sense in parks. “Male dogs that haven’t been desexed and female dogs on heat should not go into dog parks because it puts the other dogs on edge,” he said. “Remember that it is a dog park and if you take small children in then you need to keep an eye on them.”

He said owners should assess parks before they entered and, if other dogs were too big or small, take a walk and return later.

“Most people do the right thing.” he said.

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