Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy two and four legged clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients – you can see what a broad array of issues we can help solve…

Online puppy training tips are nothing compared to working with a trainer in person!

We got so much out of our puppy preschool training experience with Jordan Dog Training. Justin is such a conscientious, experienced trainer, a true lover of all kinds of dogs! As new dog owners he really reassured us through the process and was incredibly supportive. All the sessions were super informative and helpful. We spend so much of our time googling and youtubing tips for training but all that paled in comparison to being able to speak to a proper trainer in person. We would recommend this class to anyone and everyone; it’s helped us and our lil boy immeasurably. Thanks Justin!


Amazing results in one visit

After tying another trainer with no results my vet recommended I call Jordan Dog Training… what a difference, professional, caring, cheaper, a true lover of all dogs, gentle methods that had amazing results in one visit. Thank you


The “God” of Dog Trainers

Justin is the “God” of dog trainers, after some bad experiences with another trainer, and having a high maintenance working breed, I was really struggling to control my dogs behaviours, I have had dogs all my life and even titled a dog in obedience some years ago, I also work in the vet field, yet really struggled with my stumpy tail cattle dog.

I contacted Jordan’s training, and had Justin come and do a house call to my Lucy….I was amazed (and embarrassed).
Justin is so patient, (with me too) calm and really knows what he is talking about. dogs really respond well to his calm knowledgeable ways.

5 stars is NOT enough recommendation. thank you Justin from Lucy and Me!


Justin knows the art of understanding dogs

A 2 ½ year old Rottweiler urgently need a loving home. She had been badly treat by a previous owner and had security issues. Our home was her fourth home in her short life. She was an alpha female determined to dominate the household. Difficult to manage and unruly. No training, no manners and little contact with people and she did not like men. She had managed in few days to destroy blinds, doors and walls. I got Justin in to help us train the dog. In actual fact – he came to train us to be good leaders for her. Justin was amazing and had her doing what he wanted her to in the first few minutes.

We have never looked back and are forever thankful to Justin for teaching us the art of understanding language of dogs.

We have a precious Rottweiler who we love and she loves us. Highly recommend Justin and his team. Wonderful caring people.


We loved our experience at JDT

We loved our experience at JDT! Craig loved his time playing and socialising with all the other gorgeous pups in a safe and friendly environment. Craig has improved so much in the four weeks we attended puppy school – and it was super fun for me too. I would definitely recommend JDT for anyone with their new fur-babe to visit Justin and the crew. 


A huge thank you to Justin!

A huge thank you to Justin, our little Chilli absolutely loved puppy pre-school. I would highly recommend to any new puppy owner. We learnt a lot too and we’re making great progress with training and making the most of our new family member! I’d highly recommend the veal spare rib treats as well, our puppy can’t get enough of them.


I have to say it was amazing!

My wife and I took our Golden retriever through Jordan dog training and I have to say it was amazing.  Justin really knows what he is doing. He has an answer for every question and doesn’t matter what breed you may have he is very helpful. We plan to go to more classes with him. I highly recommend this trainer for anyone seeking great advice, help and knowledge on raising your dog. 


Cannot recommend Justin enough!

We attended the puppy pre-school in Albany Creek and cannot recommend Justin enough. Our now 16-week old (12 when we started the school) black lab puppy learned valuable social skills and had so much fun interacting with other puppies and people in a safe environment. We also learned so many things about puppy behaviour, and other dos and don’ts ourselves. The puppy pre-school was also a really great place to ask questions, and I know we can always contact Justin if we come across any puppy related issues in the future.


Your help and advice has been so valuable

We can’t thank the lovely ladies from Kedron enough for their help in training us to get the most out of our boy. Louis is still a handful at times and focusing isn’t always easy with so much going on in the world, but he does his homework daily and slowly I know we’ll get there with him ( his daddy is a bad influence though!!). Thanks again, your help and advice has been so valuable.


Best thing we’ve done for our pup!

Best thing we’ve done for our pup! Fantastic pup school training, it was so much fun and all the dogs loved the socialisation. Justin is amazing with pups, they all loved him and his own dogs we’re beautifully behaved and set a great example as leaders. Can’t thank you enough for all of your help! We will definitely continue all the way through to obedience training with Justin Jordan. 


I highly recommend Justin

Puppy socialisation at Puppy Pre-school should be compulsory for all puppies, despite the experience of the owners. Listen, watch, and practise techniques to put you at ease, and give your puppy the best possible start. Expose your puppies to others to build confidence. I highly recommend Justin, who is extremely capable and willing to answer all questions, and adjudicate puppy interaction. He provides a safe environment for puppies of all sizes and personalities.


Exceeded my high expectations!

Jordan was a very informative and friendly trainer who seemed to genuinely care for all puppies and owners in his class. Jordan’s good reviews had me going into his puppy preschool with high expectations, and he exceeded those. I learnt lots (even though I’ve had a dog before) and my puppy experienced socialisation with others puppies and people at a very young age, in a safe environment. I love that even after puppy preschool Jordan offers lifelong advice. I would happily recommend Jordan to anyone who is thinking about puppy preschool or dog training – it’s definitely worth it!


We always recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone!

Justin of Jordan Dog Training is without doubt one of the most professional, respectful and knowledgeable people we know within the industry. In all of our dealings with Justin he has always taken the time to get to know the idiosyncrasies of each dog as well as handler when considering courses of action toward better behaviour. We always recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone wanting to better the behaviour and relationship between them and their K9 family member. And Justin’s all round care-factor for all dogs and their wellbeing is truly admirable. Keep up the great work Justin and Team.

Michelle Lee Long

It’s been 4 weeks of fun!

Thanks Justin it’s been 4 weeks of fun and learning for both our puppies and us. Having owned dogs all our lives it was 15 years since our last puppy and we felt it was invaluable and responsible to introduce our puppies to other puppies at a young age and refresh our training skills. Our dogs have improved attending the puppy school and so have we. Your teaching is informative and positive and we look forward to attending your obedience school once they are old enough.

Tony and Pathrina

The BEST thing you could possibly do for your dog!

Training with Jordan Dog Training is the BEST thing you could possibly do for your dog. I had an in-home visit with Justin to address some behaviour issues with my dog. One of the issues was that she was becoming reactive to visitors at home and also her leash manners were non-existent. Justin’s methods were gentle and natural, there was no shouting, no shock collars, no spray bottles and no penny jars (all of which had been suggested to me previously), just calm assertive leadership.

Justin spent two hours with me, covering every aspect from nutrition, exercise, enrichment and establishing boundaries around the home. It was almost information overload, but the way he presented it was practical and supportive. My dog absolutely LOVES Justin and her behaviour – she’s like a different dog! From the very first phone call through to the follow-up support, Justin has always been the utmost professional, friendly and willing to help. He has never asked for another cent but has always been available to ensure that I was happy with the outcomes of our training.

Andrea McDowell

Justin was brilliant!

Justin was brilliant. Thank you so much. He has cured all our dogs issues in minutes. Things will be different from here on. Thank you again, will be recommending your services to all.


You won’t regret it!

Both my puppy and I had a ball. It isn’t our first puppy but I still learnt so much. At the same time I also did the free puppy preschool at our usual vet and there was such a huge difference in quality. Justin was awesome in every way. Do puppy preschool with Justin. You won’t regret it!


Expertise in all things “puppy”

We had Justin and Michelle visit our home and we are so please with their expertise in all things “puppy”. We feel very well equipped to settle out pup in and teach her good manners easily and simply. The home visit is really world the time as a short cut to having a happy and safe pup. Very comprehensive and we have ongoing phone support for if we do hit any hurdles. Thanks very much Justin and Michelle. 


I gained confidence with my dog

Thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance. Justin, I really can not thank you enough!

A little while ago my dog started showing signs of aggression. The issue became out of control when one day he attacked someone who came to the house. He is a 70kg dog. It was terrifying. I completely lost my confidence in myself and my dog. I was fearful to have anyone come to the home. I was even fearful to take him out of the house and enjoy all the activities that I loved sharing with him the most, like walking on the beach, activities that we had previously done on a daily basis together.

After just one in home session Justin completed transformed my situation. He was able to guide me in the right direction and highlight areas where I had been going wrong – it was fantastic! From the moment he walked into the room with my dog, I felt completely at ease. Now I feel confident and know that I have learnt the skills required to handle any situation. Jordan Training Services were not only profession, ethical and humane but the results far exceeded any of my expectations. Thank you very much! 


Willingness to help

Justin creates a friendly and relaxing environment in all of his classes.

He delivers information clearly and professionally. I have taken both of my dogs to his classes and would highly recommend them to anyone with a new puppy. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first dog or your tenth, the social aspect of the group is fantastic.  A special mention also goes to his willingness to help after hours. He was happy to field any questions I had regarding my new fur friend.

Australia’s dog whisperer!

Justin Jordan, you are truly Australia’s very own Dog Whisperer. You got right in one hour that which I’ve been struggling with for five years. Can’t thank you enough!

Our puppy loved puppy school

Monty (our cocker spaniel) loved puppy school with Justin.

Justin gives lots of excellent tips and advice, but most of all the puppies just enjoy every moment. Monty has developed so much in just 4 weeks. Well done Justin, and thanks for everything.


An experienced dog whisperer

Justin is a very positive person and his training methods are kind, fair, effective, fun and designed to reinforce a healthy relationship between owners and dogs. Our little puppy ‘Morpheus’ will continue to develop and become an amazing dog through attending Justin Jordan’s Training. We can highly recommend Justin as a caring, compassionate and experienced ‘DOG WHISPERER’. He really does talk to them. 


The best thing that could happen to your dog

Just outstanding! Although we are not dog owners, I have personally seen Justin at “work” at puppy school, and how loving and responsive his own pets are. Justin’s wonderful way with dogs, and the joy that dogs bring him is evident in everything “dog” that he is a part of. Cannot speak highly enough of Justin – simply the best thing that could ever happen to your dog. 


My puppy’s behaviour is improving

I was referred to Justin when I was looking for a puppy preschool class for my staffy puppy Teddy. After 4 weeks I have noticed his behaviour improving and I’m learning how to train him well. Next step will be obedience class after he turns 5 months in February. Thank you Justin for all your help and answering every question I had.

Highly recommend Justin to anyone who is looking for a puppy preschool class or to get some assistance with dog training. 


Highly recommended!

We took our puppy to preschool to get some training and socialisation. Justin was incredibly helpful, far beyond our expectations. He answered all questions with a wealth of knowledge and patience. At the beginning of the classes, our pup was incredibly shy and hiding from the other pups chasing her. At the end of the classes, she was the one doing the chasing and having so much fun playing. I can’t recommend Jordan dog training highly enough!


Puppy school was a great experience

Puppy school was a great experience for Louie & I. I highly recommend it – not only was Louie able to socialise with other puppies in a safe environment, but as a new pet owner I learnt so much and never felt uncomfortable asking for help. Justin is professional and his love of dogs shines through! 


Very simple, gentle training strategies

Justin has a great calming energy which immediately reflects on the state of our dogs. It was truly remarkable seeing them so calm and content with him around. Very simple and gentle strategies that have worked tremendously. Thank you Justin. Extra credit for always being available even many months onwards for follow up questions – really appreciate that. Highly recommended.


Happy puppy = happy owner

Half an hour of basic, gentle training made a world of difference!!! Wow! 14 months of bad habits gone in less than an hour! Worth every penny. Happy Puppy = Happy Mum!

Emma Louise

Puppy school course is full of great info

Justin kindly agreed to help me out with my Vet Nursing studies, so I could attend puppy pre-school classes. I learnt SO much in just four short weeks from Justin. I’m impressed by his knowledge of all things canine, but it’s his passion that really shines through! He clearly LOVES what he does and cares about everyone’s best friend! The course is chock-a-block with great info but there’s plenty of time for puppy interaction too. Thanks again Justin – I’m now really enjoying Masterclasses in Obedience with my namesake.


Patient, professional help with dog behaviour issues

Justin’s kind and professional approach to our dogs was truly impressive. Our dogs instantly seemed to respect and respond to him. It was like their long lost pack leader had come home – he truly is “Australia’s Dog Whisperer”.

His gentle methods had our dogs changing their ways instantly, his patience teaching us the correct way to interact with our dogs, and the correct training methods had us sending the right signals to our dogs that has given us long lasting results that are truly amazing, and most importantly the dogs now seem so much happier. Our Vet was right, the difference he can make with your dogs is amazing.

After trying the services of several other training organisations to help us with our dogs with little success, I would now highly recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone who has training or behaviour issues with their dog.

Wow! Results need to be seen to be believed

Justin is a true wonder to dogs and owners alike. Although not a dog owner, I have personally witnessed the results of Justin’s dedication to dogs big and small. Humans enjoy his puppy school just as much as the puppies do, and results need to be seen to be believed. It’s an honour to know Justin, and I am in awe of his “work” (I don’t think Justin has a job, just days filled with doing what he is passionate about!).


Master Dog Trainer

I have known Justin Jordan for many years now, through our mutual passion for dogs and dog training. We have both seen first hand, the problems associated with both dogs and their owners, through lack of basic training. The number of dogs in pounds is a direct result of this lack of training. Dogs are here to be our best friends, not our nemeses.

Justin Jordan is friendly, honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious, courteous and professional. His knowledge and understanding of our canine friends is unquestionable. Justin uses simple, effective and proven, positive reinforcement methods. Justin is passionate about his clients and his business. He is assertive and empathetic to the individual needs of each client, human and canine, and is always available for assistance and advice. Whether it’s by providing a tailored program to effectively solve your dog’s behavioural problems in the comfort of your own home; OR by conducting professional puppy school classes focusing on early socialisation and basic commands during this very important developmental stage; OR by conducting regular dog obedience classes to help take your basic training to the next level, which ultimately strengthens the existing bond between you and your dog, building communication, respect and understanding; Justin Jordan wears the title of Master Dog Trainer with professionalism and pride.

I highly recommend Justin Jordan and Jordan Dog Training for all of your, and your best friend’s, training needs. I consider it a privilege to call Justin Jordan a friend. 


Positive beginnings with puppy pre-school

Justin’s puppy classes were a wonderful way for our family to get life with our new dog off to a great start. Classes were entertaining and engaging for both hound and human, and despite having had dogs before, we all learnt something new that we found very helpful in managing our new pooch.

Our collie went from shy to gregarious, and our teenage kids, who were allowed to attend, learnt a lot about the responsibilities of pet ownership and understanding doggie behaviours. Justin’s warm and friendly manner also helped to make the classes such a positive experience and I would recommend them to anyone starting out with a new puppy. 


Justin has a wonderful, calm manner

We recently took our puppy to Puppy Preschool with Justin. As a family we learnt much about how to care for and train our dog. Justin has a wonderful, calm manner towards the puppies and their owners. Thanks Justin, we really appreciate it. 


The Brisbane ‘dog whisperer’

Justin Jordan is amazing – he helped me more than I ever thought imaginable with a very distressed and anxious rescue dog. He is now the most perfect of companions, all thanks to Justin. In my family, we call him ‘the dog whisperer’.

Brisbane’s best dog trainer

Now really, when only the best will do, Brisbane’s best dog trainer is Justin Jordan at Jordan Dog Training. Jordan Dog Training is run by Brisbane’s most renowned and respected dog expert, Justin Jordan.

Through years of experience and training, Justin has gained an unfathomable insight into the various breeds of dog. He’ll have your loved one figured out and sorted out in no time. A highly sought after speaker and recommended by vets and clinics and experts, Justin has his own very special approach to canine behaviour modification: a combination of warmth, gentleness, love and tasty liver treats you can purchase. Justin also brings class to the realm of dog training; impeccable in white shirt, black trousers and shoes.

Justin has helped approximately 20,000 families with their dogs. His most famed canine is the beautiful red cattle dog, named ‘Red’ who is the mascot for the Queensland Reds. He leads the team out onto the field at match time, in uniform of course. He even attends black tie events and presentations, in a suit. Justin Jordan was selected as Red’s official handler and trainer. Red performs his duties and attends photo shoots and press conferences with polish and pizzaz and you can see where he gets it from.

Justin has also been specifically selected as the sole trainer and handler of a very special pooch named ‘Dexter’ who will be debuting on stage as ‘Bruiser’ in PRIMA’s production of ‘LegalIy Blonde’ started Dexter’s – (starring as ‘Bruiser’ in PRIMA’s Legally Blonde.) The training programme is underway and this smart, cute canine is well on the way to Broadway. Well, look who is training him… He is sure to do Justin very proud and Justin will be in even greater demand.

If you truly want the best trainer available for your beloved dog or puppy, contact Justin Jordan at Jordan Dog Training while there’s still availability. 

Allen Street

Teaching us how to be better puppies

Just had a fantastic in-house training session with Justin to teach us how to be better puppies. Learned lots and are more confident we can do better by our dog Loki. Thanks Justin, we really appreciate it. 


Invaluable advice – thank you Justin

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to Justin. I called intending to need his consulting services; instead he gave me helpful advice and assistance on the phone. He listened and was very kind and knowledgeable. It is so great to see that there are still people who truly enjoy what they do, and do it for others without just seeing the bottom line.

Thank you Justin and your team. You came highly recommended by Moorooka Greencross vet and I had initially liked your website the best. Happy New Year and prosperity and good karma to your business.


Puppy Preschool is a must-have for puppies and owners

I didn’t think I needed puppy preschool. I mean, how hard can it be to teach a few basic commands? I’ve had dogs before so I knew the way to get this done, right? Wrong! My husband and I learned so much from Jordan’s Dog Training Puppy Obedience classes – we were absolutely floored.

Not only were our training techniques antiquated and out of date but they also used negative reinforcement. We found the modern techniques amazingly simple to practice and even though our puppy still needs work, I know that with the skills we’ve been taught in puppy preschool, that I have a solid foundation to build upon. One of the big surprises for me was the need for socialisation. Puppies can’t go out in public until after their final vaccinations, so they have no idea how to interact with other dogs until they are around 4 months old!

Puppy preschool gives them a fabulous, loving and FUN environment for them to learn how to be a puppy, how to play with other puppies and (thankfully) how to get worn out by being with other puppies. This last one made our Puppy Preschool classes heaven because you knew you could finally get some down time afterwards – a sleepy puppy means a happy puppy owner. If you’re thinking of bypassing puppy preschool, DON’T. Call Justin and talk to him about your pup. You will be so glad you invested in puppy preschool and even happier once you see Justin around the dogs. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible. Do it. It’s completely worth it. 


Amazing – Justin knows dogs so well

We took our German Shepard puppy Digger to Justin for puppy school when we first got him. Justin is a book of knowledge about all things dogs. He is very helpful and every night would stay back to offer and help one on one to people who had questions about their puppies. Definitely worth your time! 


Wonderful atmosphere at puppy preschool

Justin, my son and I wish to thank you for the amount of information you shared, and for the wonderful atmosphere you created each week at puppy preschool. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. We look forward to some more obedience training with you once Darcy is fully immunised and that little bit older. Thank you!! 

Kerri and Aidan

We all learned so much at puppy school

Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge of puppies with us! It was such a pleasure attending the puppy pre-school and we all learned so much! Banksy is on the path of becoming one amazing rottie thanks to you! 


Our puppy doesn’t demolish the place any more!

Have to say, you put a lot of things into perspective at puppy preschool and at the home lesson you gave us. We can now take our Rottie Griffin to cafes and have him inside the house without demolishing the place… The only question I would have is how do you keep your lawn looking so good?!

RIP Dug & Thank You Justin

Hi Justin, I know that you will see so many puppies in your job as a trainer, but I thought you may remember our boy Dug as he was a Border Terrier and possibly a bit rarer an occurrence than some of your other pups. Not to mention, he spent a lot of time with his head inside Stan the Great Dane’s mouth in his time at puppy school at Pet Mania, Albany Creek.

Unfortunately I have some very sad news in that our beloved Dug died on Saturday when he choked on an uncooked turkey bone. Despite our best efforts and those of the BVSC Emergency vets there was nothing that could be done for him. As you can imagine this has totally devastated us and at this point our grief is too raw to think beyond our loss. However I know that with the passing of time we will be ready again to get another pup and we will probably turn up at one of your classes.

Because our time with him was so short all of our memories of him are so precious and I wanted you to know that our time at puppy school with you rates as some of our most favourite, they make us laugh even in the midst of all our tears. Thank you. 


A much more confident puppy since pre-school

I thoroughly enjoyed all four nights conducted by Justin and so did Yuzuki. She is a much more confident puppy and I have learnt so much under Justin’s expert training. Would recommend Justin to anyone who asks about puppy pre-school.


Justin helps our foster dogs

Today we had the pleasure of working with top dog trainer Justin Jordan from Jordan Dog Training. Justin has been helping people and dogs and rescue groups in the Brisbane area for many many years.

His expert advice and generous nature have helped many of our dogs foster into their forever homes. Today he helped Kaidee. Kaidee needed help with confidence and we needed help with leadership and walking of such a large dog. Together, along with foster mum, everything came together and Kaidee is a relaxed and happy camper. 

Best Friends Rescue

Puppy school was awesome

I attended Justin’s puppy school with one of my foster BFR puppies and he was awesome. In those four lessons I learned so much to take home with me, to help not only Phoenix but the foster dogs that followed him. Thanks Justin. 


The dog and cat are best friends

I had someone wanting to adopt a cat and they were worried about how their dog would go accepting the fur sibling. On my advice they called Justin, who took the time to go through everything with them. I recently went and visited and now the dog and cat are best of friends. Love your work Justin. 

Little Legs Cat Rescue Qld

Helping our best friends

Thanks so much for taking the time to help with all the dogs at Best Friends Rescue who need extra training. It’s giving them the opportunity to live a life of happiness. Your commitment to excellence will inspire others. 


Within 30 minutes we had a truly transformed dog

Simply amazing! We have over the years engaged the services of two different dog trainers to help us to be able to walk our 5-year-old Golden Retriever without being dragged down the street. On both occasions we had little to no success and were told by the last trainer that the only way to fix our dog (against our better judgment) was to use a check chain on him. Over a few training sessions with this trainer this still wasn’t working, it only seemed to choke our poor dog. We had now got to the stage that the only outings we could take him on were for drives in the car to the local dog park.

Recently at our wits end, and on our vet’s recommendation (and also on a friends recommendation), we contacted Justin – within 30 minutes we had a truly transformed dog that was walking around our neighbourhood on a loose lead beside us. Simple and easy techniques that not only we understood and agreed with but that our dog obviously understood and responded to.

We now have one of those well behaved dogs that you see people out walking daily who are actually enjoying the company of their dog. Our whole family thanks you!

We miss puppy pre-school!

Thanks to Justin, our little girl Chika emerged from her shell over the four weeks of puppy pre-school and is now a much more confident puppy. She loved the socialisation, not to mention the countless cuddles she received both from Justin and other parents too!

As well as being fun, puppy pre-school was also informative and Justin gave us tips on how to be better parents. It was a little sad to say goodbye at graduation last week but we will always have fond memories of puppy pre-school.


We loved puppy school!

Justin was amazing with our 14 week old staffy who was full of energy. We went from a puppy who yelped and barked most of the first lesson to a dog who sat quietly and followed basic commands for almost the whole hour! Justin is so lovely and made us feel really comfortable and our puppy Addy just adored him! Thanks Justin!


Our Olley thrived at puppy school

I can’t speak highly enough of Justin. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to raising happy, well behaved dogs. Our Olley thrived at puppy school and we were also able to use what we learnt from Justin to help our senior dog as well. I would recommend Jordan Dog Training every time. 


Very helpful and lots of fun!

I would highly recommend the puppy pre-school class. Not only did Justin provide some very practical and useful advice on all aspects of raising a puppy, it was genuinely exciting each week to watch my two dogs interact with all the other puppies in class, and to see their confidence grow. They have recently graduated, and their certificates are proudly up on our fridge! 


Great puppy programme

I just wanted to thank Justin for all the knowledge he shared with our group at puppy school. We all learnt so much about raising an enjoyable dog. Every puppy benefited from the experience; from coming out of their shell or learning when to give other puppies some space. Our puppy, Ruby, is certainly on the right track to becoming a well rounded member of the family!! 


I learned a great deal and am incredibly grateful

Justin came highly recommended by my local veterinarian. During our time, he proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating the problems and solutions to me. I learned a great deal and am incredibly grateful. I highly recommend his services.


Highly recommend the puppy pre-school

We attended puppy preschool at North Lakes with Justin. We learnt so much valuable information. Our puppy had a great time too! Would highly recommend these classes to anyone with a new puppy. 


You are the dog whisperer!

Thanks Justin. Nathan said you were just as amazing as I told him you were!!! He agrees that you are the dog whisperer!

Justin has a way with dogs!

Loved what we learnt at puppy pre-school. It was very informative and the puppies had loads of fun socialising. Highly recommend Justin – he definitely has a way with dogs! 


What a difference

Cannot thank Justin enough for the Puppy School experience. My 12-week-old miniature schnauzer Sadie loved the class and so did I. It was fun, informative and she learnt a few commands with ease. I could not be happier with my Jordan Dog Training experience and will recommend Justin without hesitation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sure we will see you soon. 


The classes showed us how good our dogs can be!

Thank you Justin for all your advice and tips over the last four weeks. It was great to see your dogs at the puppy pre-school classes. It showed us how good, with training, our own dogs can be. We will definitely continue training school. Keep up the great work. 

Loved every minute

We loved puppy preschool with Justin. Our puppy, Swayze, had a fantastic time. We learnt so much and can’t wait to sign up for the Adolescent classes. Thank you very much.


Thanks for taming the beast

It wasn’t so much that Nahla was there for training, more that we, the owners were trained. Jordan Dog Training did a great job helping us understand Nahla’s behaviour and gave us the confidence to be in charge. 


Puppy school was both useful and entertaining

Thanks Justin for putting things into perspective at Puppy Pre-School. What you taught us is definitely helping to raise our pet Rottie into a great companion. Thanks also for making the information somewhat ‘entertaining’!

What a well behaved boy we have now!

Hi Justin! You came out to our house a couple if weeks ago to train me and my dog. The training was so effective and he has been such a well behaved little boy since then.

Puppy had fun at school

The classes have been extremely helpful and lots of fun for puppy. Thank you!

Connor and Charlotte

Puppy school was invaluable

Justin’s calm approach to explaining the important facts about puppy care meant our whole family gained insight into raising a puppy. Our puppy had a ball while socialising with other dogs, and it was a big comfort knowing that Justin would step in if needed. I would recommend his services to everyone.

Puppy school was good for all of us

An excellent four sessions at puppy school. Our golden retriever was suffering from a nasty attack by a staffy and the sessions at puppy school were great for her rehab. Thanks Justin. Learned so much useful info over the four weeks. Good for all of us. 


Our new puppy loved preschool

We did puppy preschool with our new puppy and learnt so much, and just got so much out of the classes, including training techniques, advice on pet food and treats, and how to deal with behaviour problems. Socialising our puppy with all the other dogs was great, and she had so much fun with them all. Thanks Justin! 


The trainers’ preferred trainer!

I’ve been a vet nurse for the past 15 years and also run puppy preschool classes. Not only have I witnessed Justin’s amazing ability to connect with dogs I’ve heard about it time and time again from happy clients of our practice who have used his services as well.

His commitment to helping all pet owners and health care professionals is above all. Do your dog a favour, call Jordan Training for any of your dog training needs, you won’t put them in any better hands. 


My dogs calmed down immediately

It’s been possibly a year or so since you saw my two dogs Abby and Bella. While they love each other dearly, they would get into some fights at times if play time got too rough or Abby was in a bad mood. I believed you called this sibling rivalry. It was heartbreaking to see my two beautiful babies get in to fights when I knew they loved each other.

I was more than eager for your assistance and was greatly assured when you mentioned no harsh methods in your training. The day you walked in our house I remember being in shock. My two very excited girls walked in the door to meet you and gently said hello. Next thing I noticed they were so completely calm and content lying on the floor near you and I. To see them so calm and what felt like so peaceful around a stranger had me gobsmacked. I mean, they’ve always loved people but you just brought a presence with you that is truly remarkable. From then, I definitely trusted in you and desired to have that same sort of energy. I knew and was willing to accept that it was me that was most of the problem and was willing to put in the work to get the best outcome for my girls.

I’m proud to say that since your visit they rarely ever get in to fights anymore. And even if they do on the rare occasion, they manage to sort themselves out very quickly without me intervening! They also get over it very quickly. My older dog used to hold resentment to the other one for quite some time after I had pulled them apart but now it’s as if nothing happened after! I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to us and the reassurance and confidence you brought to our family.

There have been some other smaller issues along the way that you have always been so kind to speak to me about over the phone and give advice for. Your service did not end when you left our house and I think that is a true testimony for your commitment to ensuring a truly happy outcome and life for our loved ones. So thank you.

What a difference the right advice makes!

I would like to thank Jordan Dog Training for their help. It may only have been by phone, but we have a 12 month old Rottie x Shepherd and finding out that we were feeding him the wrong diet was worrying.

Zeus has now been on Royal Canine and is such a changed and happier dog. He is easier with his walks each day and I now look forward to taking him out. Thanks again!

After following your page I have become inspired

I just wanted to share my story with you, as it’s after following your page I have become inspired.

Over the past 2 weeks I have become motivated to walk our bull mastiff, great dane cross every day. He’s 4 and a half, almost 80kg (almost twice my weight), never been around other dogs. He has always put on quite a performance whenever he sees another dog, throwing himself on the ground and clawing at whatever I was walking him with, once even managing to claw off his halti collar.

I got an easy walk harness and started out in the backyard, progressed to the unfenced frontyard and then to the street up and down outside our house slowly going further in each direction. In under 2 weeks we are walking a half hour loop around a local bike track and instead of a tug of war when we see dogs he’s down graded to a whimper when he starts to get excited and is firmly told no.

I’m so proud of my boy and I know with dedication and persistence he will only get better and we are both so much happier and content after our afternoon walks.

Our dogs (and us) are a whole lot happier!

Thank you Justin. Our home session was so informative and has worked. Here are our two dogs sleeping next to each other on the dog bed. This is the first time in two years this has happened. Our dogs and us are a whole lot happier! 


It only took one visit…

Justin is a fantastic dog whisperer. He sorted out our dog issues in just one visit! 


Dog walks are now a pleasure instead of an ordeal

Justin, we really enjoyed our session with you last week. It was enormously helpful, and we learnt a lot. Taking Ninja for a walk is now a pleasure instead of an ordeal, and we have noticed a huge difference in those other issues as well!


Who are you going to call…? Jordan Dog Training!

Justin Jordan saved our sanity. Our soft hearts led us to acquire an abused 2 year old female rottie who was more than we could handle. She managed to destroy several blinds, furniture, gyprock walls and china in two weeks. Having had no previous experience with mistreated dogs our local vet highly recommended Justin for dogs with behaviour problems.

Upon calling Justin, we were very pleased with his professional and positive manner. When he arrived we were flabbergasted by his alpha pack leader presence and subsequently, the submission that our unruly dog displayed towards him. We knew there was hope for us yet and that we hadn’t made a mistake giving her a home. During the consultation, Justin assured us that we did the right thing by recognising our limitations and contacting him before she became worse. Justin did an assessment of our previous behaviour management and taught us top dog leadership techniques that bought equilibrium back to the household, not to mention sanity. It has been hard work but extremely rewarding. We have confidence and self assurance that we can manage rescue dogs.

Justin has been extremely helpful, professional and empathetic. His experience has made us feel secure and confident that we will be able to manage our dog’s behaviour. Justin said we could contact him with any further questions. We called him and asked for help with our second rescue dog. We would recommend Justin to anyone who needs help with the smallest or biggest doggie problem.

Puppy school was a wonderful experience

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for the time and effort you put in to your Puppy School classes, including the time you also give to us as owners.

I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure others would agree, we have learnt so much in these past 4 weeks we attended Puppy School. It has been a wonderful experience for me – and my little Robert Charles (Charlie!). He has learnt so many things from attending your classes at Ascot Veterinary Clinic. He can sit and stay and we are starting to make headway with those little bites from those very sharp teeth! And, he also got to socialise with all those other beautiful puppies in his class as well.

It has also been a pleasure to meet both of your special friends as well – Zed and Lex, and of course, little Red! But remember, you haven’t seen the last of us just yet! We have another very unruly 6 year old dachshund at home that desperately needs your help – well, maybe it’s not her that needs the help – it’s probably the owners who have created the monster!! Once again, Justin – thank you SO very much. An absolute expert at your trade!


A dog magician

You were the Man. A DOG magician.

Blown away by the great info at puppy school

Justin, I would like to thank you – we recently completed puppy pre school last month with our Lab at Albany Creek, where even after a few months of research prior to getting our little guy, we still manage to be blown away with new and great information to help us and the puppy out. Thanks heaps!


The time you give to rescue dogs is so valuable

Thank you Justin for your advice yesterday for my foster dog Jasper. I really appreciated your willingness to listen to Jasper’s story, and your reassurance! Your passion for rescue dogs and the time you give to rescues is so valuable. Thank you! I continue to recommend you to clients on a regular basis as “this is the dog behaviourist that I have personally used, and he is fantastic!” and I really mean it!

We refer all our difficult behaviour problems to Justin

As a vet nurse we refer all our difficult behaviour problems to Justin. Our clients come back totally satisfied. After 14 years of working in conjunction with Justin and our clients, I couldn’t be happier or give a higher recommendation to anyone in the dog behaviour industry!

I’m not my dog’s teething ring any more!

I know we have a long way to go, however Anubis has responded so fast and so amazingly to the disciplines you taught us. I haven’t been a teething ring all day because I started growling at him and pushing him away. He’s very smart, and like children, loves the boundaries. As a family we just wanted to say thank you.

Toni and Tom

Giving me back my mojo

Why Justin? Well, quite simply, because he cares….and I mean really cares, about the fur-babies under his care.

Justin came to us via recommendation from a dear friend Kelly, when we rehomed an adult Dalmatian boy who had, quite unexpectedly, entered our lives immediately after the death of my husband. I doubted myself, and because of that I doubted my gorgeous dog and my ability to keep him.

Justin helped in so so many ways, not just the 1:1 training, which was done with gentleness and confidence, but with the ongoing, constant support. Mr Mojo literally changed overnight, and Justin continues to support via messages and calls, and has done so through the addition of a second spotty dog to our family. Without the guidance, support and kind reassurance I would not have the two amazing Dalmatians (that are currently resting at me feet) as my constant companions in my life and all I do.

Mr Mojo, and also Abby, have become the foundation of a project that I am currently working on to help others hep themselves, my journey with them allows me to show others that sometimes you need to look at all aspects of your life to find balance. In short JJ, you gave me back my mojo and showed me the amazing love that I have for Mr Mojo is mutual. Both of my dogs train every day and are good members of the canine community… without JJ I could not have done it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Puppy pre-school was hugely useful…

I attended Justin’s puppy pre-school recently with my mini-schnauzer, Harvey. Great sessions for both Harvey and I. Lots of useful info on all areas of owning a puppy, things to expect, things to avoid, hints and tips, behavioural techniques, homework (which was hugely useful) and lots of time for Harvey to socialise with other puppies.

Justin is a really great trainer. Very caring and very passionate. Highly recommended.


Justin is a ‘Rottweiler Whisperer’…!

Justin has been amazing with our little Lia. He has provided us with such great tips and advice on how to deal with our puppy concerns and has always been available when we needed help.

Puppy preschool has really helped Lia gain more confidence and learn how to socialise with other dogs. I would strongly recommend Justin’s services to anyone any day. Thank you again Justin!

Highly recommended – you’re the best!

Even though I’m in Perth right now, you are still THE go to guy I recommend for anyone needing help in Brisbane. We truly do believe you are fantastic at what you do, and we only recommend the best!

Barking dog problem solved

Thank you so much for your help with my border collie, Sammy. Her barking had been driving my neighbours up the wall ever since we moved, and I’m sure they would have complained to the Council if you hadn’t helped me to sort it out so quickly.

You gave me simple, effective advice and you were available when I needed that little bit of extra guidance. I really appreciated you getting back to me so quickly. You were the utmost professional in your work and I was so impressed with your depth of knowledge and experience. I was amazed at how Sammy responded to you; you obviously have a way with dogs. To me, you truly are the dog whisperer!

I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others who are struggling with various doggy problems. 


You taught my master some discipline…!

Hi my name is Ellie and I’m a 2 year old stumpy tail cattle dog. I’ve been taking my master to doggy school for nearly 2 years hoping that he would learn some discipline… he’s not real bright but we’re getting there. Each week he gets a little big better at doing as he’s told and I’ve been teaching him some tricks & we’re both doing well & learning lots. I’m doing a lot better than my master but after all I’m a girl!!! I think my master will do OK after the 3 weeks but Jordan Dog Training lets us go as much as we want without any extra charge. I hope he does alright, he’s not a bad fella. Thanks for all your help! 

Ellie xxx

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work…

We are both closer to 70 than 50. Having taken (by family default) a young cattle dog (the formerly ignored and boisterous Heidi) out of compassion rather than want of companionship, life has not been in our control!

Since Heidi arrived, we have become reclusive. Our friends, relatives and grandchildren no longer wish to visit. Our parkside walks lonely, as people deliberately walk the other way or take the long way round. Not because Heidi is vicious but because of her ‘pack leader’ mentality and over abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Jumping up, nipping, out of control behaviour, etc.

Justin, thank you. In just two lessons, Heidi is becoming more socially acceptable and easier to handle. You have been so generous with your time, clear in your approach, confident in your assessment and with a bottom line, non aggressive training method that is delivering better animal ownership rewards from the first time we met.

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work. We are increasingly confident that our circle of friends will return to our ambit, including, and most importantly, our grandchildren (under 10’s). Why? Because of your guidance, and the combined confidence of professionalism and better partnership with our dog. Many thanks, and may your business prosper. 

Peter and Sue

Justin has been extremely supportive and helpful…

Justin Jordan has been recently assisting my husband and I with our poodle’s separation anxiety problem. After our neighbour’s informed us that our dog became extremely distressed (i.e. crying and howling) in our absence, we availed ourselves of Justin’s services.

Through his guidance we were able to learn gentle techniques that have helped us to address our dog’s anxiety. We have seen consistent improvement in our dog’s ability to cope with our absence and have greatly appreciated Justin’s help with this problem. Justin has been extremely supportive and helpful at a time that was very upsetting and stressful for our family and we are so grateful that we can now leave the house with confidence, knowing that our dog is much happier.

Thank you Justin for your assistance and support. With your help we are well on the way to resolving what we had felt was a hopeless situation. 


The best value for money service in the industry…

We recently adopted a feisty 10 week old male Keeshond puppy into our family and as a result researched puppy training specialists to give our cheeky little mutt, the best behavioural schooling available to him.

Justin Jordan was our choice in Behavioural Therapists. He delivered himself in a professional manner, executing his knowledge in a very informative and straightforward way. My partner and I quickly absorbed his effective techniques for training our puppy and we were delighted in the simple yet effective approach that unfolded over the course of the time that he spent in our company.

Justin had RASKA behaving with style within a manner of minutes- which, of course delighted us!! We had stressed out over all the plants, shoes and other items our curious, new, little family member had seen as puppy sport for when he got bored. After we had both practiced a few of Justin’s puppy training techniques we realised how easy it was going to be for us to up keep his system.

Justin’s friendly approach and casual sense of humour impressed us. We enjoyed the funny stories he told us about his experiences as a dog training specialist. Most of all, we were delighted in how much extra time Justin spent with the three of us- well and truly beyond the scheduled hour his appointment had been booked for- to ensure that we were happy clients! We will continue to use Justin’s services should the need arise and we highly recommend Justin Jordan to any one who is seeking the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY service in the industry.

Julia & Tom

We have our power back…

We have recently received the service of Justin Jordan. We have two dogs, both with very different natures and very different behaviour problems. We had dogs we couldn’t walk, one who challenged our authority constantly and both were excitable and out of control when visitors came.

Justin explained to us what we were doing wrong and how dogs thinking is different to ours. We stuck to the new rules Justin laid out and noticed a change almost immediately. After two visits, we feel we are in control now, and not them. We have our power back. We know controlling their behaviour will be an ongoing process but now we have the tools to deal with them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone with a problem dog. Thank you Justin.

You saw the potential and convinced us to persevere…

This note is to express our thanks and appreciation for the way in which you helped us with Gus. When your first dog is a 56kg, four year old, male Rottweiler, without any social, behavioural or obedience training, it is always going to be a tough ask; when the dog is thought to have a questionable temperament it is going to be even more difficult.

We took Gus when it became apparent that his original owners could not provide the care and attention he needed. After trying unsuccessfully for several months to find him a home we eventually came to the conclusion that we loved him and decided to keep him ourselves. That presented another range of problems as we lived in a small unit that did not allow pets. After boarding Gus with my mother, he was too boisterous for her, then with my brother, whose own dog had just undergone a knee reconstruction, we eventually located a home that suited all of us. We took responsibility for Gus some six months ago and have experienced a number of challenges. Boisterous is a nice way of saying he was practically uncontrollable. Gus demonstrated every characteristic and behaviour that made it extremely difficult for anyone to want to take him.

Yet despite this, you saw the potential in him and convinced us to persevere. Thank you! Every day we are seeing improvements in Gus that are making it worthwhile. The advice, training and assistance you have provided ensured we learned the necessary skills to enable productive communication that improved not only our lives but Gus’ immeasurably. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your methods to anyone seeking to improve the relationship they have with their dog. Again, please accept our sincere thanks.

Andrew & Julie-Ann

It really didn’t take long…

I am happy to recommend Justin Jordan’s training program as I have found it very successful. An anonymous neighbour lodged a complaint to the council regarding our Maltese’s barking. I had tried to reduce her barking to little effect. We didn’t want to annoy people from adjoining properties so turned to Justin.

I did practice Justin’s exercises and techniques and changed some of my own behaviours. In a very short time, we had a gorgeous quiet Maltese who was also able to complete simple training commands including new tricks. She loves the one-on-one attention and I like making a point of spending quality time with my dog – the reason I bought a dog in the first place was to love her to death (a toy dog’s whole purpose).

Our family, our dog and I am sure our neighbour is very happy. It really didn’t take long or too much work to see dramatic results. I am very happy with Justin’s system. 


I am the one reaping the rewards…

Justin Jordan has been working with me and my Siberian Huskies to assist me in managing their behaviour and allowing me to have a better relationship with them. My male dog is very dominant and through Justin’s knowledge, skill and gentle ways I am learning how to handle him and actually enjoy walking him.

I love the fact that the techniques used are those of encouragement and reward. The dogs are encouraged and I am the one reaping the rewards. Justin has been at all times professional and friendly and I am confident in the knowledge that he is only a phone call away for advice. I cannot recommend Justin highly enough.

At the end of the day, I know it is not so much about training the dogs but training the humans and Justin is very adept at that as well. Thank you Justin for all your sound knowledge and advice.


We found the puppy school of great value…

My wife and I recently attended one of your puppy schools. We were extremely impressed with your professional approach, clear concise information that was all relevant and delivered in a friendly atmosphere within a puppy secure environment at our local vets premises.

It was easy to see that you are a dedicated dog trainer and are passionate about your work. We found the puppy school of great value to us and to our puppy who had a great time socialising with the other puppies present. Thank you for everything. 

Dave and Sally

We now have a well behaved and happy dog…

Just had to let you know that after your visit to our home to help us with “Archie” we have followed the advice you gave us after you had spent time talking with us and observing Archie’s problem with barking and his sometimes annoying behaviour to friends visiting us.

Archie responded almost immediately to you and within a very short time he was happy to follow your commands. We have done our best to follow your advice and now have a well behaved and happy dog.

Your sensible, firm but gentle approach showed us your great experience and love of animals. We would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much!

Jim and Fiona

Your consultation was the best investment in my dog’s training…

Following our In-home consultation a few months ago, I am so pleased with the results that I wanted to extend my utmost thanks.

My previously barky, jumpy, leash-straining dog is now demonstrating beautiful house manners and actually paying attention to what I want when we go for walks. We had been to obedience classes previously to try and learn some leash manners and help with our other behavioural issues, but they didn’t really teach us how to communicate effectively with our dog. It helped a little bit with walking her – they sold us a head halter – but that was a short-term solution, using just one tool, whereas you gave us the full toolbox! I never would have thought I would be able to ask her to walk to heel without a pocket full of tasty treats. Now, I would expect nothing less. She has graduated off the head halter onto a regular collar and I can even walk her off leash using just my voice to keep her in heel. A far cry from the dog who didn’t seem to realise that I was even along on the walk, let alone in control of it.

The best part about it is that now she is so lovely to walk, we take her out more often and she is a calmer, happier dog when she has had proper exercise and stimulation. After a single consultation with you, we learnt how to communicate which behaviours were unacceptable, gently but effectively. She responded so quickly once she understood what was being asked of her. Your practical suggestions were tailored to our home environment and also helped us to identify the causes for some of her more special behaviour.

I would consider your consultation to be the best investment in my dog’s training to get life-long results and support if needed, and saved us from a future of frustration, anger, and embarrassment at our dog’s unruly behaviour. We now get comments from strangers about how well behaved she is, and I don’t hesitate to recommend you at every opportunity.

My dog’s life is so much better now

Justin, I want to sincerely thank you for all you have done in helping me to understand my dog and correct her inappropriate behaviours. No longer am I dragged down the street from one smell to the next, or jumped all over every time I return home. She has always been my best friend, but she used to be that annoying friend who you put up with because you love them.

Now, she’s a pleasure for me to have in the house, in the car, and out and about. She gets to enjoy my company more often as I can take her places that would have been unthinkable before. Before I was referred to you, I tried searching the Internet for tips; I asked friends for advice; finally, I sat my dog down and had a serious chat with her about her behaviour. None of these things helped.

Your advice was simple, it made sense, and it wasn’t harsh or unkind to the dog. Your training methods were like a revelation, and my dog’s life is so much better now that her needs are being understood and met. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody having problems with their dog. I’m sure my dog recommends you to all her friends too!

An amazing understanding of dogs…

I have had the pleasure of attending Justin’s puppy school classes recently as well as personal interaction with him training my older Labrador, who has had some behavioural problems at the local dog park.

Justin was able to show me how to correct these behavioural problems and is always willing to help out as any further issues arise. I highly recommend Justin for his professionalism, knowledge, patience and deep love of dogs.

He has an amazing understanding of dogs and is extremely passionate in educating people to be responsible dog owners and having a better understanding of their behaviours for a happy and healthy life.


I have learnt many tools to assist in training our dog…

I was recommended Jordan Dog Training by our vet for private behavioural training for our 7 month old spoodle.

From the moment the trainer entered our home it was straight on to business – she immediately recognised Stormy’s bad habits & after 2 sessions with her I feel that I have learnt many tools to assist in training our dog to become a calm, happy & well-behaved boy.

She was very instinctive, knowledgeable & firm but kind & has achieved wonderful results with our Stormy. I would recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone requiring assistance in learning how to be a responsible pet owner.


Justin creates a friendly and relaxing environment in all of his classes. He delivers information clearly and professionally.

I have taken both of my dogs to his classes and would highly recommend them to anyone with a new puppy. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first dog or your tenth, the social aspect of the group is fantastic.

A special mention also goes to his willingness to help after hours. He was happy to field any questions I had regarding my new fur friend.

Australia’s Dog Whisperer

Justin Jordan, you are truly Australia’s very own Dog Whisperer. You got right in one hour that which I’ve been struggling with for five years. Can’t thank you enough!

Where’s Wally

…that was the $10,000,000 question..our adopted Labradoodle Wally had issues getting around the house… he was always getting “stuck” unable to move down hallways and stairways without us assisting him.. after consultanting our vet who was unable to offer any medical advice.

A friend recommended Leah, as they’d had amazing result with their dog. We made an appointment with Leah, who came to our home for a one on one with Wally.

After listening to us and observing Wally, Leah suggested that it may be a tactile issue and recommended either “toe grips” or hall runner carpet.. we opted for some cheap hall runners and within 2 -3 days Wally was making great progress and moving more freely around the house unassisted.

Leah was prompt, friendly, courteous and professional and we have no hesitation in recommending her and Jordan Dog Training. Thank you Leah!

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