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What tricks can Red Dog do?

Red Dog sitting on the grass

Dogs have a way of drawing people together and Red Dog, an adored member and official junior mascot of the Queensland Reds, is no exception.

This clever canine is the perfect breed for the job; as an Australian Red Cattle Dog he is a natural at learning entertaining dog tricks.

Couple this with an affectionate, eager and faithful disposition, we couldn’t think of a better pooch to represent the team!

Red Dog is no ordinary pooch

Red Dog has received extensive training in order to perfect a variety of remarkable tricks. These go beyond the garden variety performed by average Rover: the typical sit, stay and roll over tricks that you tend to teach your dog. Trainers discovered Red’s exceptional abilities early on; they noticed that he correctly followed commands in even the most hectic environments, like rowdy Reds games.

Terrific tricks

As the designated team mascot, Red Dog has to focus and keep his cool in extremely loud and disruptive settings, which he does brilliantly.

Be inspired by Red’s impressive antics, expertly taught by trainer Justin Jordan. Read on to find out which of his awesome tricks to teach your four-legged buddy!

One of Red’s most challenging tricks is the one where he runs the ‘kicking tee’ out to a player then returns to Justin for a ‘high five’. This trick involves the talented hound running with Justin to the side line and finding the player holding the ball. Once he spots the player, he makes his move and drops off the kicking tee before returning to his trainer. It’s quite a feat since it involves multiple commands: sit, stay, watch, find and high five.FullSizeRender (10)

Another of Red’s famously cool dog tricks features stay, sit, heel and jump up—Red leads the QLD Reds team out into the middle of the field just before kick off; he sits in the players tunnel waiting for the signal, while Justin stands in the middle of the field. On command, Red sprints out of the tunnel ahead of the captain and with the crowd cheering, he runs through a long tunnel of people before leaping into Justin’s arms.

His third trick involves jumping into Justin’s arms so that fans can take an Insta-worthy snap.

Red has an impressive portfolio of skills. To date he can: sit, drop, stand, stay, heel, come, high five, bow, speak, spin around, roll over, sleep, fetch, jump up, look (for player with the ball) and pat (where he jumps up on his front paws to receive pats from his adoring fans).

How to teach your dog tricks just like Red!

Like the sound of these dog training tricks?

Although Red Dog is not your average Fido, here at Jordan Dog Training, we believe almost any dog can learn new tricks (or at least to obey their owner) with patient and positive teaching techniques.

If you have a furry friend in need of some guidance, check out our trick training classes and handy dog training tips.

We offer something for all dogs, from mischievous puppies to improving the behavioural issues of more mature pooches.

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