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Hello there, I’m Rebecca

Growing up with an Australian Cattle Dog named Jackson, my love for dogs was cemented early on. And now, with Arlo, my vibrant 18-month-old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, I’ve truly understood the magic and importance of dog training.

Arlo has taught me that effective training stems from a relationship built on trust, patience, and of course, a dash of fun. It’s always been my belief that training sessions should be enriching experiences, both for the dog and their owner.

I’ve always been inspired by the Jordan Dog Training team. After following their journey for years and appreciating their approach, joining them felt like a natural next step. Being part of this team is a great opportunity to learn, share, and grow.

I’m enthusiastic about this new chapter and am ready to contribute while also learning from the amazing Jordan Dog Training Team. Here’s to building stronger, happier bonds between dogs and their owners, and an exciting journey ahead.