Mia Venn

As a trained ICU nurse for many years before delving into full-time animal care, Mia is passionate about working with dogs.

That passion took her to many overseas countries, including India, where she spent two years working in animal shelters, assisting with rescue efforts and dealing with human abuse of dogs.  There, Mia lent her assistance with a large population of street dogs and their associated issues such as malnutrition, disabilities, fear-based aggression and diseases such as mange, rabies and distemper. She also undertook their routine care such as feeding and watering, and helped to keep the population in check and healthy by assisting with desexing and vaccinations of street dogs.

While in India, Mia was also a key member of a group that visited schools and educated children on how to not be fearful around street dogs, how to approach dogs, and how to handle and care for a pet in a respectful and safe way.

Mia is now excited to join the team at Jordan Dog Training where she can continue to use her valuable skills in dog training, canine body language and communication and her interest in animal welfare to improve the lives and outcomes for dogs and their owners alike.