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Maddie has always had a passion for animals & grew up with dogs her whole life. All the animals she meets quickly pick up on knowing that she is a loving animal person.

Maddie grew up with her beloved Australian Blue Cattle Dog for fifteen years, who always knew she’d do anything for her. Maddie was always determined to make her next animal a rescue. Which, in 2014, she rescued a Red Cattle Dog shortly followed by a few reptiles! Her most recent adoption has been her Cattle Dog x Great Dane in 2020.

It was while Maddie was working at a doggy day-care in Canada that she knew pursuing a career in the animal industry is where she was meant to be. While she has a background as a Registered Nurse for humans, Maddie has successfully completed her Certificate II & III in Animal Studies and is currently continuing her studies towards becoming a Veterinary Nurse.

Her current animal family includes Red Cattle Dog Bindi, Blue Tongue Lizard Storm, Bearded Dragons Tawny & Sandi, & Cattle Dog X Great Dane Aspen (all rescues).