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Liesje is a highly experienced professional with a deep-seated passion for animal welfare, having made significant contributions in various parts of the world. As a qualified veterinary nurse and obedience trainer, she has navigated through diverse roles, ranging from private veterinary practices to impactful work with the SPCA in Johannesburg. There, she was instrumental in leading a mobile clinic initiative to assist underserved communities.

Her career shifted to dog training when she was fortunate enough to work for South African Guide Dogs as a Puppy Training and Development Supervisor. Here, she was mentored by a brilliant team of experienced trainers and thrived in her role supporting volunteers and nurturing young dogs to eventually work in often challenging environments.

At the core of Liesje’s professional journey is her unwavering commitment to animal well-being, especially in the field of dog training. She is a strong advocate for fostering positive interactions between humans and animals. We are excited to welcome Liesje to our team, confident that her blend of professional expertise and genuine care for animals will be invaluable. Her presence is not only an asset to our team but also an inspiration for anyone seeking to enhance their relationship with their canine friends. We eagerly look forward to making significant advancements in animal welfare and training with Liesje as a part of our team.