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Jess has always had a love of dogs. It began early with the family pet, a husky which was her companion as a child. With her passion for all animals, it was only a matter of time until she would find herself drawn to a career in Puppy School, Obedience Training and in-home consultations.

Dogs just love and are drawn to her calm and soothing nature. This is one of her many attributes. Her dog training skills and ability to communicate effective with the owners of the attendees at her classes ensure she is a hit with everyone.

Jess adores helping to ensure that the dogs in her classes go on to have their best life and be the companions their owners are looking for. She believes that well trained dogs and owners will enjoy the building of their relationship. Learning each other’s boundaries and expectations in training is a great way to begin that beautiful journey.

As with all of our Trainers and Assistant Trainers, Jess will be working closely with Justin and the Jordan Dog Training Development and Mentorship Team. This will help her become even more skilled in her training and one-to-one sessions.