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Jared Bunch

From my earliest memories, my life has been enriched by the company of dogs. This profound connection started with Bonnie, my Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix, who wasn’t just a pet but a true companion. Her influence ignited a passion in me, steering me toward a career where I could explore and strengthen the unique relationships between dogs and their owners.

My professional journey has spanned 12 enriching years as a Veterinary Technician, where my fascination with canine behaviour and training deepened. Working as a Puppy Preschool trainer across various veterinary clinics in Australia and the UK, I’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of canine behaviour, equipping me with the skills to address a wide array of training needs.

Now, as I join the Jordan Dog Training team, I bring with me not only my passion for dog training beyond the puppy stages but also my commitment to professionalism and customer service. My approach to training is balanced, tailored to the wellbeing of the dogs we work with, mirroring the high standards of professionalism and excellence that Jordan Dog Training is renowned for in the veterinary industry.

This new chapter with Jordan Dog Training presents an exciting opportunity to align my personal values with those of a team known for their profound respect for the dog-human bond. I’m eager to leverage my expertise to not only foster this incredible bond between dogs and their owners but also to uphold the high standards of service and training excellence that are the hallmark of Jordan Dog Training. I look forward to contributing to our shared goal of enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners through balanced and effective training methods.