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Dr Camille Stephenson

I have always loved all animals since I was knee high to a grasshopper! In fact, I eventually went on to study veterinary science, becoming a veterinarian, decades ago now. Early on after graduation, I lived and worked in the UK for 10 years during the 80’s. After coming home, I worked as a Vet in various roles, eventually setting up my own Practice. This is where I met Justin, who ran my Puppy Preschool.

During my long career I have seen many changes in so many areas of not only vet practice but also pet ownership. I have met and treated many thousands of dogs. Most were sweeties – trusting, friendly, gorgeous, even if they were unwell – a pleasure to help along with their owners. There were some, however, whose behaviour was actually aggressive and challenging. Not only towards others/strangers but also would bite their fearful owners. I always felt this was such a shame for all parties! Behaviour is such an important thing to get right for our dogs and owners. Your dog should have a happy, healthy, safe and much loved life as part of their Family. They give us so very much in return. 

Correct training for both puppies, dogs and owners is essential to create that special happy lifelong bond. This is the area in which I am now concentrating and am happy to become part of Justin’s Team.