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Amanda Wallis

Amanda Wallis

Amanda has always had an affinity with animals, from a young age she has used her soft heart and gentle approach in training, rehabilitating, and caring for many different species. 

Patience, understanding, effort and consistency are all rewarded with exceptional results with all our furry companions.

Amanda is a qualified veterinary nurse and practice manager of a North Brisbane Vet clinic. She has been involved in the veterinary medicine and animal care industry for the past 25 years.
During this time, she has followed her passion for training and undertook extra study in animal behaviour and training.
These skills have been put to the test during her career in years of running puppy preschool classes, behaviour consultations and training for clients of the Veterinary clinics she has worked at.

Known to be a bit of a softy when it comes to an animals in need, in her spare time Amanda helps run a horse rescue and has helped save and rehome many animals from unthinkable outcomes.

Her motto in life is Master, Mentor, Motivate, Master your skills, Mentor others, Stay Motivated to keep learning and evolving, this is true in all she does.

Her current animal family include Rottweiler Slam (rescue), Australian Koolie Trick (rescue), and two beloved horses Dozer and Ace (also rescues)

Amanda is excited to be part of the Jordan Dog Training Team and can’t wait to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in a calm, friendly environment.