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A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog… Right?

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The most common contributors to many of the behavioural problems that we see in dogs such as barking or destruction is from a lack of environmental enrichment, lack of exercise, and lack of interaction.

If you don’t give your dog enough to do to entertain them (especially puppies) they will probably go looking for something to do to entertain themselves, and the results of this may not always be in your favour.

One of the misconceptions we hear regularly when talking to clients about their dog with problems is, “it has another dog to play with” or “we have a big back yard for it to run around in” or, if it is not allowed inside, “it can see us through the window though.”

Dogs are social animals; they thrive on interaction

They also need both physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy. Without these three important things, you may find your dog digging holes, destructive chewing or worst still it may start upsetting the neighbours with excessive barking.

Bottom line, if you won’t be able to meet a dog’s basic needs, do not get a dog! And certainly do not get another dog to fix the existing dog, because more often than not this leads to double trouble.

Jordan Dog Training encourage dog owners to walk their dogs at least once a day once fully vaccinated and subject to health advice from your vet. We also recommend environmental enrichment for them for when you go to work. Foraging and problem solving to earn their dinner is a natural and satisfying behaviour for dogs. There are numerous environmental enrichment toys available from your local pet store such as Kong or Petprojekt toys.

If in doubt about getting a dog and what breed will suit you and your lifestyle, talk to us or your vet first.

Pets are for life, we choose them they don’t have the luxury of choosing us, so we owe to them to give them the absolute best for the time they are with us.

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