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The Surprising Impact of Human Foods on Dogs

dog eating human treats

At Jordan Dog Training, we know that sharing your food with your furry friend can be a tempting display of affection. However, it’s vital to understand that what might seem like a small treat to us can be significantly more impactful for our dogs. To shed light on this, we’ve developed a comparison chart that outlines the equivalent effects of certain human foods on dogs.

Why This Matters:

Our dogs have different nutritional needs and metabolisms compared to us. Foods that are part of our regular diet can be excessively indulgent or even dangerous for dogs. This chart serves as a visual guide to comprehend these stark differences. For example, 30 grams of cheese for a dog is comparable to a human consuming 2.5 hamburgers, a comparison that is certainly food for thought.

Download The Factsheet

Using the Chart:

  • Educational Tool: Use this chart as a means to understand the disproportionate effects of human-sized portions on dogs.
  • Consulting Experts: While this chart offers a quick reference, we always recommend consulting with a veterinarian before introducing any new foods to your dog’s diet.

Conclusion: Our mission at Jordan Dog Training is to help you make informed decisions for your dog’s health and happiness. This comparison chart is a key part of our commitment to providing educational resources for our community. We encourage you to use it as a helpful guide and reminder of the unique dietary needs of our canine companions.

Download and Share: This chart is available for download and sharing. We hope it serves as a useful tool for all dog owners in making the best dietary choices for their pets.

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