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The healing power of a dog

Mikey with his dog Bundy

The healing power of a dog – this is is simply amazing! Here is a heart warming update from the new owner of “Bundy”, the dog we were trying to urgently find a home for a few months ago. Justin did some training with Bundy before his adoption, to help make him the great calm dog he is today.

Mikey update…

Mikey with his dog BundyMany of you would know that Mikey has Vincristine Neuropathy as a result of his treatment. This is nerve damage that makes walking difficult and requires him to wear orthotics on his legs. This has been getting progressively worse as treatment goes on and the next step was to be being constantly in casts for six months to immobilize his ankles to stop the nerves further shortening.

Then along came Bundy…. In a few short weeks Mikey’s improvement has been miraculous. Every day he walks Bundy a minimum of 2km – often 3 or 4.

His physio can’t get over the improvement. Instead of casting him, yesterday they articulated his orthotics (hinged them at the ankle instead of being solid). This is the next step before losing them altogether!

Thank you Bundy! You truly are heaven sent!!!!

See also: “Miracle unleashed” article in Pine Rivers Press

Justin with Bundy and Mikey

Master Dog Trainer Justin Jordan with ‘Bundy’ and Mikey


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