Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy two and four legged clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients – you can see what a broad array of issues we can help solve…

Our puppy doesn’t demolish the place any more!

Have to say, you put a lot of things into perspective at puppy preschool and at the home lesson you gave us. We can now take our Rottie Griffin to cafes and have him inside the house without demolishing the place… The only question I would have is how do you keep your lawn looking so good?!

Puppy school was good for all of us

An excellent four sessions at puppy school. Our golden retriever was suffering from a nasty attack by a staffy and the sessions at puppy school were great for her rehab. Thanks Justin. Learned so much useful info over the four weeks. Good for all of us. 

Invaluable advice – thank you Justin

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to Justin. I called intending to need his consulting services; instead he gave me helpful advice and assistance on the phone. He listened and was very kind and knowledgeable. It is so great to see that there are still people who truly enjoy what they do, and do it for others without just seeing the bottom line.

Thank you Justin and your team. You came highly recommended by Moorooka Greencross vet and I had initially liked your website the best. Happy New Year and prosperity and good karma to your business.

Amazing results in one visit

After tying another trainer with no results my vet recommended I call Jordan Dog Training… what a difference, professional, caring, cheaper, a true lover of all dogs, gentle methods that had amazing results in one visit. Thank you

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work…

We are both closer to 70 than 50. Having taken (by family default) a young cattle dog (the formerly ignored and boisterous Heidi) out of compassion rather than want of companionship, life has not been in our control!

Since Heidi arrived, we have become reclusive. Our friends, relatives and grandchildren no longer wish to visit. Our parkside walks lonely, as people deliberately walk the other way or take the long way round. Not because Heidi is vicious but because of her ‘pack leader’ mentality and over abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Jumping up, nipping, out of control behaviour, etc.

Justin, thank you. In just two lessons, Heidi is becoming more socially acceptable and easier to handle. You have been so generous with your time, clear in your approach, confident in your assessment and with a bottom line, non aggressive training method that is delivering better animal ownership rewards from the first time we met.

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work. We are increasingly confident that our circle of friends will return to our ambit, including, and most importantly, our grandchildren (under 10’s). Why? Because of your guidance, and the combined confidence of professionalism and better partnership with our dog. Many thanks, and may your business prosper. 

Your help and advice has been so valuable

We can’t thank the lovely ladies from Kedron enough for their help in training us to get the most out of our boy. Louis is still a handful at times and focusing isn’t always easy with so much going on in the world, but he does his homework daily and slowly I know we’ll get there with him ( his daddy is a bad influence though!!). Thanks again, your help and advice has been so valuable.