Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy two and four legged clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients – you can see what a broad array of issues we can help solve…

You taught my master some discipline…!

Hi my name is Ellie and I’m a 2 year old stumpy tail cattle dog. I’ve been taking my master to doggy school for nearly 2 years hoping that he would learn some discipline… he’s not real bright but we’re getting there. Each week he gets a little big better at doing as he’s told and I’ve been teaching him some tricks & we’re both doing well & learning lots. I’m doing a lot better than my master but after all I’m a girl!!! I think my master will do OK after the 3 weeks but Jordan Dog Training lets us go as much as we want without any extra charge. I hope he does alright, he’s not a bad fella. Thanks for all your help! 

You are the dog whisperer!

Thanks Justin. Nathan said you were just as amazing as I told him you were!!! He agrees that you are the dog whisperer!

What a well behaved boy we have now!

Hi Justin! You came out to our house a couple if weeks ago to train me and my dog. The training was so effective and he has been such a well behaved little boy since then.

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work…

We are both closer to 70 than 50. Having taken (by family default) a young cattle dog (the formerly ignored and boisterous Heidi) out of compassion rather than want of companionship, life has not been in our control!

Since Heidi arrived, we have become reclusive. Our friends, relatives and grandchildren no longer wish to visit. Our parkside walks lonely, as people deliberately walk the other way or take the long way round. Not because Heidi is vicious but because of her ‘pack leader’ mentality and over abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Jumping up, nipping, out of control behaviour, etc.

Justin, thank you. In just two lessons, Heidi is becoming more socially acceptable and easier to handle. You have been so generous with your time, clear in your approach, confident in your assessment and with a bottom line, non aggressive training method that is delivering better animal ownership rewards from the first time we met.

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work. We are increasingly confident that our circle of friends will return to our ambit, including, and most importantly, our grandchildren (under 10’s). Why? Because of your guidance, and the combined confidence of professionalism and better partnership with our dog. Many thanks, and may your business prosper. 

Wonderful atmosphere at puppy preschool

Justin, my son and I wish to thank you for the amount of information you shared, and for the wonderful atmosphere you created each week at puppy preschool. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. We look forward to some more obedience training with you once Darcy is fully immunised and that little bit older. Thank you!! 

Master Dog Trainer

I have known Justin Jordan for many years now, through our mutual passion for dogs and dog training. We have both seen first hand, the problems associated with both dogs and their owners, through lack of basic training. The number of dogs in pounds is a direct result of this lack of training. Dogs are here to be our best friends, not our nemeses.

Justin Jordan is friendly, honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious, courteous and professional. His knowledge and understanding of our canine friends is unquestionable. Justin uses simple, effective and proven, positive reinforcement methods. Justin is passionate about his clients and his business. He is assertive and empathetic to the individual needs of each client, human and canine, and is always available for assistance and advice. Whether it’s by providing a tailored program to effectively solve your dog’s behavioural problems in the comfort of your own home; OR by conducting professional puppy school classes focusing on early socialisation and basic commands during this very important developmental stage; OR by conducting regular dog obedience classes to help take your basic training to the next level, which ultimately strengthens the existing bond between you and your dog, building communication, respect and understanding; Justin Jordan wears the title of Master Dog Trainer with professionalism and pride.

I highly recommend Justin Jordan and Jordan Dog Training for all of your, and your best friend’s, training needs. I consider it a privilege to call Justin Jordan a friend.