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Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy two and four legged clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients – you can see what a broad array of issues we can help solve…

You saw the potential and convinced us to persevere…

This note is to express our thanks and appreciation for the way in which you helped us with Gus. When your first dog is a 56kg, four year old, male Rottweiler, without any social, behavioural or obedience training, it is always going to be a tough ask; when the dog is thought to have a questionable temperament it is going to be even more difficult.

We took Gus when it became apparent that his original owners could not provide the care and attention he needed. After trying unsuccessfully for several months to find him a home we eventually came to the conclusion that we loved him and decided to keep him ourselves. That presented another range of problems as we lived in a small unit that did not allow pets. After boarding Gus with my mother, he was too boisterous for her, then with my brother, whose own dog had just undergone a knee reconstruction, we eventually located a home that suited all of us. We took responsibility for Gus some six months ago and have experienced a number of challenges. Boisterous is a nice way of saying he was practically uncontrollable. Gus demonstrated every characteristic and behaviour that made it extremely difficult for anyone to want to take him.

Yet despite this, you saw the potential in him and convinced us to persevere. Thank you! Every day we are seeing improvements in Gus that are making it worthwhile. The advice, training and assistance you have provided ensured we learned the necessary skills to enable productive communication that improved not only our lives but Gus’ immeasurably. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your methods to anyone seeking to improve the relationship they have with their dog. Again, please accept our sincere thanks.

My dog’s life is so much better now

Justin, I want to sincerely thank you for all you have done in helping me to understand my dog and correct her inappropriate behaviours. No longer am I dragged down the street from one smell to the next, or jumped all over every time I return home. She has always been my best friend, but she used to be that annoying friend who you put up with because you love them.

Now, she’s a pleasure for me to have in the house, in the car, and out and about. She gets to enjoy my company more often as I can take her places that would have been unthinkable before. Before I was referred to you, I tried searching the Internet for tips; I asked friends for advice; finally, I sat my dog down and had a serious chat with her about her behaviour. None of these things helped.

Your advice was simple, it made sense, and it wasn’t harsh or unkind to the dog. Your training methods were like a revelation, and my dog’s life is so much better now that her needs are being understood and met. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody having problems with their dog. I’m sure my dog recommends you to all her friends too!

Our puppy doesn’t demolish the place any more!

Have to say, you put a lot of things into perspective at puppy preschool and at the home lesson you gave us. We can now take our Rottie Griffin to cafes and have him inside the house without demolishing the place… The only question I would have is how do you keep your lawn looking so good?!

Puppy school is fantastic

Violet graduated from puppy school last week. Thanks to Sarah from Jordan Dog Training for the excellent classes!

Puppy school is a fantastic thing to do with new pups, not just for the training elements, but also for the socialisation. Most of the puppies in our class were nervous and not sure how to act in the first week, but all gradually came out if their shells and were having a ball by the end of the course. We also picked up some super useful little training tips that I’d never heard before, even as a vet with a pretty solid doggy knowledge basis!

We’ve enrolled Violet in some of the adult training classes to help grow her into a confident, well mannered dog, and also because she’s a working breed and just loves to learn.



Patient, professional help with dog behaviour issues

Justin’s kind and professional approach to our dogs was truly impressive. Our dogs instantly seemed to respect and respond to him. It was like their long lost pack leader had come home – he truly is “Australia’s Dog Whisperer”.

His gentle methods had our dogs changing their ways instantly, his patience teaching us the correct way to interact with our dogs, and the correct training methods had us sending the right signals to our dogs that has given us long lasting results that are truly amazing, and most importantly the dogs now seem so much happier. Our Vet was right, the difference he can make with your dogs is amazing.

After trying the services of several other training organisations to help us with our dogs with little success, I would now highly recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone who has training or behaviour issues with their dog.

Expertise in all things “puppy”

We had Justin and Michelle visit our home and we are so please with their expertise in all things “puppy”. We feel very well equipped to settle out pup in and teach her good manners easily and simply. The home visit is really world the time as a short cut to having a happy and safe pup. Very comprehensive and we have ongoing phone support for if we do hit any hurdles. Thanks very much Justin and Michelle.