Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy two and four legged clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients – you can see what a broad array of issues we can help solve…

The time you give to rescue dogs is so valuable

Thank you Justin for your advice yesterday for my foster dog Jasper. I really appreciated your willingness to listen to Jasper’s story, and your reassurance! Your passion for rescue dogs and the time you give to rescues is so valuable. Thank you! I continue to recommend you to clients on a regular basis as “this is the dog behaviourist that I have personally used, and he is fantastic!” and I really mean it!

We all learned so much at puppy school

Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge of puppies with us! It was such a pleasure attending the puppy pre-school and we all learned so much! Banksy is on the path of becoming one amazing rottie thanks to you! 

Barking dog problem solved

Thank you so much for your help with my border collie, Sammy. Her barking had been driving my neighbours up the wall ever since we moved, and I’m sure they would have complained to the Council if you hadn’t helped me to sort it out so quickly.

You gave me simple, effective advice and you were available when I needed that little bit of extra guidance. I really appreciated you getting back to me so quickly. You were the utmost professional in your work and I was so impressed with your depth of knowledge and experience. I was amazed at how Sammy responded to you; you obviously have a way with dogs. To me, you truly are the dog whisperer!

I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others who are struggling with various doggy problems. 

Loved every minute

We loved puppy preschool with Justin. Our puppy, Swayze, had a fantastic time. We learnt so much and can’t wait to sign up for the Adolescent classes. Thank you very much.

Very helpful and lots of fun!

I would highly recommend the puppy pre-school class. Not only did Justin provide some very practical and useful advice on all aspects of raising a puppy, it was genuinely exciting each week to watch my two dogs interact with all the other puppies in class, and to see their confidence grow. They have recently graduated, and their certificates are proudly up on our fridge! 

My dogs calmed down immediately

It’s been possibly a year or so since you saw my two dogs Abby and Bella. While they love each other dearly, they would get into some fights at times if play time got too rough or Abby was in a bad mood. I believed you called this sibling rivalry. It was heartbreaking to see my two beautiful babies get in to fights when I knew they loved each other.

I was more than eager for your assistance and was greatly assured when you mentioned no harsh methods in your training. The day you walked in our house I remember being in shock. My two very excited girls walked in the door to meet you and gently said hello. Next thing I noticed they were so completely calm and content lying on the floor near you and I. To see them so calm and what felt like so peaceful around a stranger had me gobsmacked. I mean, they’ve always loved people but you just brought a presence with you that is truly remarkable. From then, I definitely trusted in you and desired to have that same sort of energy. I knew and was willing to accept that it was me that was most of the problem and was willing to put in the work to get the best outcome for my girls.

I’m proud to say that since your visit they rarely ever get in to fights anymore. And even if they do on the rare occasion, they manage to sort themselves out very quickly without me intervening! They also get over it very quickly. My older dog used to hold resentment to the other one for quite some time after I had pulled them apart but now it’s as if nothing happened after! I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to us and the reassurance and confidence you brought to our family.

There have been some other smaller issues along the way that you have always been so kind to speak to me about over the phone and give advice for. Your service did not end when you left our house and I think that is a true testimony for your commitment to ensuring a truly happy outcome and life for our loved ones. So thank you.