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Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work…

We are both closer to 70 than 50. Having taken (by family default) a young cattle dog (the formerly ignored and boisterous Heidi) out of compassion rather than want of companionship, life has not been in our control!

Since Heidi arrived, we have become reclusive. Our friends, relatives and grandchildren no longer wish to visit. Our parkside walks lonely, as people deliberately walk the other way or take the long way round. Not because Heidi is vicious but because of her ‘pack leader’ mentality and over abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Jumping up, nipping, out of control behaviour, etc.

Justin, thank you. In just two lessons, Heidi is becoming more socially acceptable and easier to handle. You have been so generous with your time, clear in your approach, confident in your assessment and with a bottom line, non aggressive training method that is delivering better animal ownership rewards from the first time we met.

Your compassionate ‘whispering’ technique really does work. We are increasingly confident that our circle of friends will return to our ambit, including, and most importantly, our grandchildren (under 10’s). Why? Because of your guidance, and the combined confidence of professionalism and better partnership with our dog. Many thanks, and may your business prosper.