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You saw the potential and convinced us to persevere…

This note is to express our thanks and appreciation for the way in which you helped us with Gus. When your first dog is a 56kg, four year old, male Rottweiler, without any social, behavioural or obedience training, it is always going to be a tough ask; when the dog is thought to have a questionable temperament it is going to be even more difficult.

We took Gus when it became apparent that his original owners could not provide the care and attention he needed. After trying unsuccessfully for several months to find him a home we eventually came to the conclusion that we loved him and decided to keep him ourselves. That presented another range of problems as we lived in a small unit that did not allow pets. After boarding Gus with my mother, he was too boisterous for her, then with my brother, whose own dog had just undergone a knee reconstruction, we eventually located a home that suited all of us. We took responsibility for Gus some six months ago and have experienced a number of challenges. Boisterous is a nice way of saying he was practically uncontrollable. Gus demonstrated every characteristic and behaviour that made it extremely difficult for anyone to want to take him.

Yet despite this, you saw the potential in him and convinced us to persevere. Thank you! Every day we are seeing improvements in Gus that are making it worthwhile. The advice, training and assistance you have provided ensured we learned the necessary skills to enable productive communication that improved not only our lives but Gus’ immeasurably. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your methods to anyone seeking to improve the relationship they have with their dog. Again, please accept our sincere thanks.