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Within 30 minutes we had a truly transformed dog

Simply amazing! We have over the years engaged the services of two different dog trainers to help us to be able to walk our 5-year-old Golden Retriever without being dragged down the street. On both occasions we had little to no success and were told by the last trainer that the only way to fix our dog (against our better judgment) was to use a check chain on him. Over a few training sessions with this trainer this still wasn’t working, it only seemed to choke our poor dog. We had now got to the stage that the only outings we could take him on were for drives in the car to the local dog park.

Recently at our wits end, and on our vet’s recommendation (and also on a friends recommendation), we contacted Justin – within 30 minutes we had a truly transformed dog that was walking around our neighbourhood on a loose lead beside us. Simple and easy techniques that not only we understood and agreed with but that our dog obviously understood and responded to.

We now have one of those well behaved dogs that you see people out walking daily who are actually enjoying the company of their dog. Our whole family thanks you!