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Who are you going to call…? Jordan Dog Training!

Justin Jordan saved our sanity. Our soft hearts led us to acquire an abused 2 year old female rottie who was more than we could handle. She managed to destroy several blinds, furniture, gyprock walls and china in two weeks. Having had no previous experience with mistreated dogs our local vet highly recommended Justin for dogs with behaviour problems.

Upon calling Justin, we were very pleased with his professional and positive manner. When he arrived we were flabbergasted by his alpha pack leader presence and subsequently, the submission that our unruly dog displayed towards him. We knew there was hope for us yet and that we hadn’t made a mistake giving her a home. During the consultation, Justin assured us that we did the right thing by recognising our limitations and contacting him before she became worse. Justin did an assessment of our previous behaviour management and taught us top dog leadership techniques that bought equilibrium back to the household, not to mention sanity. It has been hard work but extremely rewarding. We have confidence and self assurance that we can manage rescue dogs.

Justin has been extremely helpful, professional and empathetic. His experience has made us feel secure and confident that we will be able to manage our dog’s behaviour. Justin said we could contact him with any further questions. We called him and asked for help with our second rescue dog. We would recommend Justin to anyone who needs help with the smallest or biggest doggie problem.