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We recently adopted a feisty 10 week old male Keeshond puppy into our family and as a result researched puppy training specialists to give our cheeky little mutt, the best behavioural schooling available to him.

Justin Jordan was our choice in Behavioural Therapists. He delivered himself in a professional manner, executing his knowledge in a very informative and straightforward way. My partner and I quickly absorbed his effective techniques for training our puppy and we were delighted in the simple yet effective approach that unfolded over the course of the time that he spent in our company.

Justin had RASKA behaving with style within a manner of minutes- which, of course delighted us!! We had stressed out over all the plants, shoes and other items our curious, new, little family member had seen as puppy sport for when he got bored. After we had both practiced a few of Justin’s puppy training techniques we realised how easy it was going to be for us to up keep his system.

Justin’s friendly approach and casual sense of humour impressed us. We enjoyed the funny stories he told us about his experiences as a dog training specialist. Most of all, we were delighted in how much extra time Justin spent with the three of us- well and truly beyond the scheduled hour his appointment had been booked for- to ensure that we were happy clients! We will continue to use Justin’s services should the need arise and we highly recommend Justin Jordan to any one who is seeking the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY service in the industry.