The BEST thing you could possibly do for your dog!

Training with Jordan Dog Training is the BEST thing you could possibly do for your dog. I had an in-home visit with Justin to address some behaviour issues with my dog. One of the issues was that she was becoming reactive to visitors at home and also her leash manners were non-existent. Justin’s methods were gentle and natural, there was no shouting, no shock collars, no spray bottles and no penny jars (all of which had been suggested to me previously), just calm assertive leadership.

Justin spent two hours with me, covering every aspect from nutrition, exercise, enrichment and establishing boundaries around the home. It was almost information overload, but the way he presented it was practical and supportive. My dog absolutely LOVES Justin and her behaviour – she’s like a different dog! From the very first phone call through to the follow-up support, Justin has always been the utmost professional, friendly and willing to help. He has never asked for another cent but has always been available to ensure that I was happy with the outcomes of our training.