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Puppy Preschool is a must-have for puppies and owners

I didn’t think I needed puppy preschool. I mean, how hard can it be to teach a few basic commands? I’ve had dogs before so I knew the way to get this done, right? Wrong! My husband and I learned so much from Jordan’s Dog Training Puppy Obedience classes – we were absolutely floored.

Not only were our training techniques antiquated and out of date but they also used negative reinforcement. We found the modern techniques amazingly simple to practice and even though our puppy still needs work, I know that with the skills we’ve been taught in puppy preschool, that I have a solid foundation to build upon. One of the big surprises for me was the need for socialisation. Puppies can’t go out in public until after their final vaccinations, so they have no idea how to interact with other dogs until they are around 4 months old!

Puppy preschool gives them a fabulous, loving and FUN environment for them to learn how to be a puppy, how to play with other puppies and (thankfully) how to get worn out by being with other puppies. This last one made our Puppy Preschool classes heaven because you knew you could finally get some down time afterwards – a sleepy puppy means a happy puppy owner. If you’re thinking of bypassing puppy preschool, DON’T. Call Justin and talk to him about your pup. You will be so glad you invested in puppy preschool and even happier once you see Justin around the dogs. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible. Do it. It’s completely worth it.