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It really didn’t take long…

I am happy to recommend Justin Jordan’s training program as I have found it very successful. An anonymous neighbour lodged a complaint to the council regarding our Maltese’s barking. I had tried to reduce her barking to little effect. We didn’t want to annoy people from adjoining properties so turned to Justin.

I did practice Justin’s exercises and techniques and changed some of my own behaviours. In a very short time, we had a gorgeous quiet Maltese who was also able to complete simple training commands including new tricks. She loves the one-on-one attention and I like making a point of spending quality time with my dog – the reason I bought a dog in the first place was to love her to death (a toy dog’s whole purpose).

Our family, our dog and I am sure our neighbour is very happy. It really didn’t take long or too much work to see dramatic results. I am very happy with Justin’s system.