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I gained confidence with my dog

Thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance. Justin, I really can not thank you enough!

A little while ago my dog started showing signs of aggression. The issue became out of control when one day he attacked someone who came to the house. He is a 70kg dog. It was terrifying. I completely lost my confidence in myself and my dog. I was fearful to have anyone come to the home. I was even fearful to take him out of the house and enjoy all the activities that I loved sharing with him the most, like walking on the beach, activities that we had previously done on a daily basis together.

After just one in home session Justin completed transformed my situation. He was able to guide me in the right direction and highlight areas where I had been going wrong – it was fantastic! From the moment he walked into the room with my dog, I felt completely at ease. Now I feel confident and know that I have learnt the skills required to handle any situation. Jordan Training Services were not only profession, ethical and humane but the results far exceeded any of my expectations. Thank you very much!