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Giving me back my mojo

Why Justin? Well, quite simply, because he cares….and I mean really cares, about the fur-babies under his care.

Justin came to us via recommendation from a dear friend Kelly, when we rehomed an adult Dalmatian boy who had, quite unexpectedly, entered our lives immediately after the death of my husband. I doubted myself, and because of that I doubted my gorgeous dog and my ability to keep him.

Justin helped in so so many ways, not just the 1:1 training, which was done with gentleness and confidence, but with the ongoing, constant support. Mr Mojo literally changed overnight, and Justin continues to support via messages and calls, and has done so through the addition of a second spotty dog to our family. Without the guidance, support and kind reassurance I would not have the two amazing Dalmatians (that are currently resting at me feet) as my constant companions in my life and all I do.

Mr Mojo, and also Abby, have become the foundation of a project that I am currently working on to help others hep themselves, my journey with them allows me to show others that sometimes you need to look at all aspects of your life to find balance. In short JJ, you gave me back my mojo and showed me the amazing love that I have for Mr Mojo is mutual. Both of my dogs train every day and are good members of the canine community… without JJ I could not have done it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.