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Brisbane’s best dog trainer

Now really, when only the best will do, Brisbane’s best dog trainer is Justin Jordan at Jordan Dog Training. Jordan Dog Training is run by Brisbane’s most renowned and respected dog expert, Justin Jordan.

Through years of experience and training, Justin has gained an unfathomable insight into the various breeds of dog. He’ll have your loved one figured out and sorted out in no time. A highly sought after speaker and recommended by vets and clinics and experts, Justin has his own very special approach to canine behaviour modification: a combination of warmth, gentleness, love and tasty liver treats you can purchase. Justin also brings class to the realm of dog training; impeccable in white shirt, black trousers and shoes.

Justin has helped approximately 20,000 families with their dogs. His most famed canine is the beautiful red cattle dog, named ‘Red’ who is the mascot for the Queensland Reds. He leads the team out onto the field at match time, in uniform of course. He even attends black tie events and presentations, in a suit. Justin Jordan was selected as Red’s official handler and trainer. Red performs his duties and attends photo shoots and press conferences with polish and pizzaz and you can see where he gets it from.

Justin has also been specifically selected as the sole trainer and handler of a very special pooch named ‘Dexter’ who will be debuting on stage as ‘Bruiser’ in PRIMA’s production of ‘LegalIy Blonde’ started Dexter’s – (starring as ‘Bruiser’ in PRIMA’s Legally Blonde.) The training programme is underway and this smart, cute canine is well on the way to Broadway. Well, look who is training him… He is sure to do Justin very proud and Justin will be in even greater demand.

If you truly want the best trainer available for your beloved dog or puppy, contact Justin Jordan at Jordan Dog Training while there’s still availability.