‘Stop the 77’ program to reduce risk of dog bites

At Jordan Dog Training we are extremely passionate about dogs and creating the safest and happiest environment for them and their human families. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour, dog bites are an all too often occurrence.

When 50% of our children are being bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old and 77% of bites come from their family or a friend’s dog – that’s an opportunity for education that anyone who loves kids or dogs simply cannot ignore.

That is why on Tuesday July 14th 2015, some of the Jordan Dog Training team presented a ‘Stop the 77’ program at Trinity Lutheran College – ‘Little Stars’ Early Learning Centre on the Gold Coast.

In this presentation they taught children how to act around dogs in the safest way possible! Children are at the greatest risk of being bitten, but research has shown that when children are taught how to correctly behave around dogs, this risk is greatly reduced!

This program is fun and interactive for children and their parents alike!

If you would be interested in us presenting at your local school or community group, please feel free to contact Justin Jordan on 0422 600 774.