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Safe Haven Animal Rescue Inc & Jordan Dog Training

Save Haven Animal Rescue Inc is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to saving and rehabilitating dogs and cats who have been surrendered, abandoned, injured or abused. This charity prides itself on finding perfect forever homes for all its fur babies, with vet checks completed pre-adoption.

There are tens of thousands of dogs and cats stuck inside Australian pounds, and it is estimated that more than half of these animals are euthanised. This is why we are firm believers in animal adoption – you’re literally saving lives.

Additionally, adopting a pet means that you have the option of choosing an adult dog or cat, meaning that you can avoid some of the housebreaking (and other training) duties. This is perfect for busy families who want a pet but are unable to commit to training a puppy.

So if you’re thinking about welcoming a new friend into your home, we’d strongly suggest that you consider adoption. Head over to the SHARI website and have a browse of their available dogs! As part of our partnership with this charity, Jordan Dog Training have teamed up to provide SHARI adopted animals 20% off training and obedience classes. If you are keen to enrol your new best friend, contact us today!

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