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Training video: ‘Spin’ command

This clip features Justin Jordan and Red, the Queensland Rugby Union junior mascot.

Spin command

How to teach your dog to spin

  1. Begin with your dog in the sit position, and stand facing your dog.
  2. With a treat between your fingers, move your hand in a wide circle from in front of your dog’s nose, around their head and back to the starting position.
  3. The dog’s head will follow the treat, and their body will follow their head.
  4. When the dog completes the circle, praise and reward your dog.
  5. Practice the ‘spin’ in both directions.
  6. As your dog learns to follow the treat (lure), introduce the command “Spin”
  7. You can then gradually reduce the hand signal and fade out the lure so that the dog doesn’t see the reward until after he has completed the command.

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