Training video: ‘Roll over’ command

This clip features Justin Jordan and Red, the Queensland Rugby Union junior mascot.

Roll over command – part 1

Roll over command – part 2

How to teach your dog to roll

  1. In the early stages, practice this trick in a quiet, distraction free area with plenty of room and on a non slippery surface with a bit of grip (carpet or grass)
  2. Begin with your puppy in the drop position with you kneeling in front of them.
  3. With a treat in between your fingers, slowly move your hand from beside puppy’s face, back towards their shoulder and across their back in an arc, with the command “roll”.
  4. The puppy’s nose will follow the treat and their body will naturally follow.
  5. Once the roll is completed and your puppy is back in the drop position, praise and reward your puppy.
  6. Remember to practice rolling both ways. Dogs have muscle memory so if you only teach it in one direction, they will probably only do it in one direction.
  7. With lots of practice and rewards, your puppy will learn to roll over without being lured by a treat. You may wish to continue using a hand signal, which you can fade back from the original arc motion.
  8. Gradually introduce the command on different surfaces and in situations with minor distractions, and remember to praise and reward for a job well done.

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