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Training video: ‘Come’ and ‘Sit’ commands

This clip features Justin Jordan and Red, the Queensland Rugby Union junior mascot.

Come and Sit command

Introducing and teaching your puppy to come and sit (the recall)

  1. Work in a calm, quiet environment without distractions (in the initial stages)
  2. Find a motivator that your dog responds to, such as a food reward, a squeaky toy, praise, or clicker (I am using liver treats here.)
  3. Have the dog begin in a sitting position, and stand facing your dog.
  4. In a smooth movement, show your dog the reward and take a few steps backwards, using your open palm to guide the dog to follow you, using the command “come.”
  5. As you stop walking, lift your hand up and the dog’s head will follow, putting the dog into a natural sit.
  6. Reward your dog!

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