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21 tips for a happy & well behaved dog
Justin Jordan shares his top 21 tips to build a better relationship with man’s best friend.

Introducing your dog to a new baby
Expecting a baby? See how best to introduce your dog to the newest member of your household!

First night with Puppy
New puppy? Settling the puppy the first few nights can be challenging, especially getting them to sleep through the night. Read some tips that may help puppy settle in more readily.

Crate training your dog
A crate is a place where your dog can feel safe and secure, and for puppies it can help reduce damage resulting from wandering about the house.

Dealing with storm phobia in dogs
Is your dog scared in thunderstorms? Read some practical hints about how to deal with this fear.

What happens if my dog eats chocolate?
Eating chocolate can be dangerous for dogs – use this calculator to assess the risk.

Positive Reinforcement Training
Is it okay to use treats or rewards in dog training? Will my dog become reliant on food? 

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