Red – the Queensland Rugby Union Junior Mascot

Red is the junior mascot of the Queensland Rugby Union, and Jordan Dog Training are proud to be his official trainer and handler!

Red loves to learn and his ability to learn new commands is amazing!

It takes very little practice for him to understand and then start repeating them on command (I guess it does help to have two big brothers to set a good example.)

Red’s training began with learning 36 commands!  These included Sit, Drop, Stand, Stay, Heel, Hugs, Fetch, Wave, High Five, Roll Over, Spin, Shake, and Smile (for the camera!).

He even learned how to carry the kicking tee and take it to the players on the field!


Teaching a puppy to sit and stay Teaching the roll over command Drop command

Photos of Red Dog

Red dog - junior mascot of Qld Rugby Union

Vital Statistics


Australian Red Cattle Dog


17th of December 2013, weight: 305 grams, one of 7 puppies in the litter


Mum’s name is Summer, dad’s name is Ted

Red's parents  Red's parents

Red’s Favourite Activities:

  • Socialising and playing tirelessly with other dogs at the dog park
  • Daily training sessions and walks in the forest with my brothers
  • Going for car rides and exploring lots of new places
  • Making new friends and giving out lots of hugs
  • Waking dad up at 5 am so I can go and fetch his paper (whether he likes it or not!!)
  • Showing off my tricks and making my team proud
  • Weekly training sessions at Ballymore with my favourite team, the Queensland Reds

Official Vet:

Bernie Bredhauer, Northgate Veterinary Surgery

For all Business, Media, Red Dog and general enquiries please contact Justin Jordan

Red in the Media