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At Jordan Dog Training, we pride ourselves on educating new dog owners on how to build and maintain a solid relationship with their furry friend. Raising a pup can be challenging, so it is only natural that you have the perfect pet products to accompany the excellent training program we provide.

We offer pet collars, where you are bound to find the best one for your dog, while still being stylish. We place a particular emphasis on finding a comfortable collar that your dog will like wearing, as they happily go on their walk. We also ensure that the accessory will be of top quality, guaranteeing safety for your pooch.

Treats and Goodies for your best friend:

Training your dog appropriately is vitally important so that you and your pet are able to live harmoniously. Jordan Dog Training now has the best pet treats on the market for your puppies, to ensure a smooth training process. It is important that dog owners know the value of communicating gently and intelligently with their pups. Our dog liver goodies will be the most palatable choice for your best friend, while still providing the necessary nutrients to help them stay healthy and grow.

During our puppy training classes, you will be able to use the liver treats and positive reinforcement to teach them all the essential puppy obedience techniques including ‘drop’ commands, and how to handle being put on a leash. Other options include real meat dog treats, beef liver goodies, and calf tails. We provide so many choices, so you are sure to find a treat that your pup enjoys!

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