Venison Ears

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Value pack of 25 venison ears

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Venison Ears

We source our venison ears from premium New Zealand stock. Completely free from additives and preservatives, they have a natural flavour and are low-mess and low-odour – suitable for feeding indoors. Available in a convenient pantry pack containing 25 ears to keep your dog happy for longer!

Venison ears are much leaner than beef or pork, making them a popular low-fat alternative. A large, long-lasting natural chew treat, we recommend “deears” for medium to large dogs or strong chewers.

Venison ears provide generous chew time, which keeps dogs entertained and out of mischief and promotes healthy teeth and gums. When dogs chew, it also releases calming hormones, helping them to self-soothe and settle down (great for anxious or boisterous dogs) – so the benefits extend beyond the active chew time! Our range of dehydrated dog treats is second to none – each item is carefully selected for its premium quality, natural flavour and practical benefits that they offer. We only stock healthy dog treats that we would be happy to  feed to our own tribe (and do!).

Pack size: 25 venison ears

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When you are looking for the best treats for your best friend, look no further than our premium range of dehydrated dog treats. We have sourced the best quality treats to take the hard work away and we only sell treats that we feed to our own dogs.

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