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Venison Ears, Bulk bag of 10 Ears, mixed sizes (mainly large) a healthy alternative to Pig’s ears

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Venison Ears (Low Scent) – Red Dog approved!   Bag of 10 large ears

Our Venison ears are an ideal occupier chew for medium to large dogs and are very low scent.  Made of superior New Zealand stock that dogs will love, our “ears” come in a great value pack of 10 ears.

100% Naturally dehydrated Venison Ears. These are great treat for entertaining dogs and healthier than a pigs ear, a long-lasting chew suited to medium to large dogs or those who finish chew treats quickly, they normally take longer to eat these treats! They are fully digestible and have a natural flavour that dogs can’t resist. Our New Zealand Venison ears are premium quality and large, so they are great value with generous “chew time”.

We recommend these treats as they encourage dogs to chew, which satisfies their instinctive need to work for their food. Your dog will be quicker to settle after a good chew session, so your shoes will be safer when you provide your dog with an appropriate outlet to chew. The chewing action also promotes healthy teeth and gums, which will save you on costly dental treatments!

These treats contain no additives or preservatives, so you will have peace of mind knowing that you are treating your dog with a healthy, natural chew made of 100% Venison ears.

Pack size: pack of 10 Ears

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When you are looking for the best treats for your best friend, look no further than our premium range of dehydrated dog treats. We have sourced the best quality treats to take the hard work away and we only sell treats that we feed to our own dogs.

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