Tick Key

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The easiest, safest way to remove ticks quickly and painlessly

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Tick Key – the best way to remove Paralysis Ticks quickly and painlessly.

The tick key is an essential tool for all dog owners, whether you live in a paralysis tick area or not. If you have one on hand, then you will always be prepared.

Made from high-strength anodised aluminium, so they are durable and easy to clean. Keep one on your keychain, in your treat pouch or inside your wallet, so that if you find a tick you can remove it immediately.

How to use:

  1. Place the key over the tick in the slot.
  2. Slide the tick into the specially tapered slot.
  3. Pull key away from skin, removing the tick easily, head and all!
  4. Disinfect after each use.

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