Smoked Beef/Cow Ears (pack of 5)

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Bag of 5 Smoked cow ears

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Smoked beef/cow ears (pack of 5) make for a tasty, natural, long-lasting dog treat. 100% Australian beef with no additives or preservatives, these are “huge” (two to three times bigger than pigs ears) they are dehydrated to remove moisture so they stay fresher for longer.

A good chew session not only helps to keep your dog’s teeth in better shape, but also has a calming effect on dogs. Smoked beef/cow ears (pack of 5) are a great treat to give your dog when you need them to wind down at night or during crate or mat training.

Cow ears are generally larger than pig’s ears and lower in fat, making them ideal for medium to large dogs.

When you are looking for the best treats for your best friend, look no further than our premium range of dehydrated dog treats. We have sourced the best quality treats to take the hard work away and we only sell treats that we feed to our own dogs.

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