Super Skin Dental Rolls

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1kg pack of Super Skin Dental Rolls dog treats (as sizes of individual pieces do vary there are between 50 and 60 pieces per 1kg bag)

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Super Skin Dental Rolls will have your dog doing the Twist!

Sourced using sustainable fishing practices, Super Skin Dental Rolls are a no-guilt healthy dog treat. They are packed with protein and Omega 3 oils and essential fats to promote a healthy, shiny coat that are also brilliant for helping to keep their teeth clean.

Super Skin Dental Rolls are ideal for puppies or small to medium dogs as a high value, long-lasting chew treat because of their naturally chewy texture. New to our fish range, they have proved very popular with our Tasting Team dogs, they give a rating of 5 barks!

All of our shark products are derived from either North Queensland Blacktip Sharks or Australian Gummy Sharks. They are both highly common sharks in Australia and are caught using sustainable practices in accordance with the Australian Fisheries Regulations.

We ensure no endangered sharks are used in our products. The sharks used in our products are deemed “Least Concern” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Please also note that these fish are primarily caught for human consumption, often referred to as flake in fish and chip shops and we mainly use the non human consumption left overs which would otherwise be discarded. Nothing is wasted. We do not catch endangered sharks to use just their fins, tails or skin for dog products! We use the left overs of common sustainably fished Australian shark used for human consumption.

Pack size: 1 kilogram (as sizes of individual pieces do vary there are between 50 and 60 pieces per 1kg bag)

Product of Australia

Super Skin Dental Rolls are a single ingredient product: 100% Australian shark skin. Free from additives and preservatives, you know you’re giving your dog the very best!

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