Roo Tubes – 1 kg pack

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Kangaroo Crunchy Roo Tubes – all natural healthy chew treats for your dog. (cheaper than the tendons but last almost as long)

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Kangaroo, Crunchy Roo Tubes

Roo Tubes,  Deliciously crunchy and perfectly Dried healthy treat.

No Preservatives,  No Additives.

Crunchy Roo Tubes are a tough treat ideal for all size dogs.

Chew treats such as Crunchy Roo Tubes have great benefits for dogs. Firstly, over 70% of dogs over 2 suffer from some form of periodontal disease. A good chew every day will help to mechanically disrupt plaque build-up due to the repetitive movement of the teeth against the treat creating a brushing action.

In addition, a good chew also has behavioural benefits for dogs, as it stimulates the production of calming hormones. A great way to reduce hyperactivity is a short training session, game or sniffari (to alleviate boredom) followed by a long lasting chew treat.

Our range of dehydrated natural dog treats also provide an appropriate outlet for chewing behaviour, so save your slippers and pick up a pack ofCrunchy Roo Tubes. Let your dog sink his teeth into an all natural, delicious low fat chew treat!

  • Product of Australia
  • Single ingredient product.
  • Low in fat
  • High in protein and omega-3
  • Grain free
  • 100% natural – NO additives or preservatives
  • Supplied in a 1kg resealable bag

If your dog loves these, they might also enjoy Kangaroo Puffs or Bully Pizzles. For more of a challenging chew, consider Roo Tubes, Roo knuckles, cows ears or beef flaps!

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