Roo premium jerky steak Chews (thick)

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1kg bulk pack of Roo Chew steaks natural dog treats

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Roo premium jerky steak Chews are thick and chewy treats, (thicker than the roo strips) mixed lengths between 15cm and 30cm long. Very chewy pieces of 100% Australian kangaroo meat dehydrated for freshness. They are a product of Australia containing a single ingredient – kangaroo – and absolutely no additives or preservatives.

Kangaroo is a low 2.4% fat meat, so Roo Chews are a great option for dogs that can’t tolerate fat in their diet. Dogs benefit in so many ways from chewing on natural meaty chews. It helps to put them in a calmer, relaxed state of mind, and exercises their jaws and their mind. If you would like your dog to settle down at night so you can spend some quality couch time together, an entertaining treat such as Roo Chews are a great option. They also make an ideal bedtime treat, which so many dog owners love to give their best friend.

Not only are these chewy treats a delicious way to treat your dog, they will also help to disrupt plaque formation, an important part of maintaining your dog’s oral health.

Your dog deserves the best, order some Roo steaks today!

Pack size:

  • 1kg bulk packs.

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