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Limited Slip Collar

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The limited slip collar is made from comfortable cotton/nylon and features strong metal rings

The benefits of a slip collar are that there are no buckles or plastic clips that can break or become caught on your dog’s fur. Simply slip the collar over the dog’s head and adjust the slide to the correct size around your dog’s neck.

The martingale design means the collar tightens if a dog pulls on the lead, making it difficult for a dog to slip out of its collar, but without over-tighting on a dog’s neck if fitted correctly.

The limited slip collar is available in 4 sizes:

  • Mini – Size 1 Suits Chihuahua size dogs
  • Small – Size 2 Suits Maltese / Cavoodle size dogs
  • Medium – Size 3 Suits up to Labrador / Retriever size dogs
  • Large – Size 4 Suits Rottweiler / Great Dane size dogs

Colour: Black