Lickimats! 3-pack

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Lickimat 3-pack (contains one BUDDY, one PLAYMATE and one SOOTHER)

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The LickiMat is the ultimate dog boredom buster toy!

This dog enrichment game is a way to entertain your dog with soft food and help with their oral hygiene. Lickimats treat toys keep your dog busy. They have a textured surface that traps soft food, and mentally stimulate your dog as they lick and search for every last bite!

Spread your dog’s favourite snack over the LickiMat dog treat toy for them to lick it off. The process of licking this off will provide mental stimulation for your dog and keep them entertained.

We have tested this dog separation anxiety solution with ourselves and love it!

Repetitive licking releases endorphins, which is soothing for dogs. Making a Lickimat treat toy part of your dog’s breakfast routine may help them settle when they are home alone and promote calm beahviour during storms or fireworks.

The Lickimat is a great solution for dogs and puppies suffering from separation anxiety. Provide environmental enrichment for your dog and go to work for the day guilt free!

Lickimat is a stimulating dog toy with oral health benefits!

The licking of the mat will help scrape bacteria and undigested food from your dog’s tongue and promote better smelling breath. It will also produce saliva that helps to clean their tongue, teeth and gums.

Lickimat is a tough, slow feeding dog toy.

The LickiMat is 20cm x 20cm and is made of non-toxic food grade TPR. Just one teaspoon of food can also be spread thinly across the Lickimat dog enrichment game. That means your dog stays mentally stimulated for longer and won’t put on weight.

The 3-pack contains one of each:

  • SOOTHER, with its raised bumpy design, is perfect for runny treats like natural yoghurt or gravy.
  • BUDDY, with its cross-maze design, is perfect for peanut butter, mushy meat or fish
  • PLAYDATE, with its square pocket design, is perfect for trapping chunky treats like mushy meat or fish. You can even use it to help slow down your dog’s eating at their regular meal time (we see you Labradors!).

The benefits of environmental enrichment games for dogs:

Lickimats are an excellent addition for your dog’s daily enrichment. They are mentally stimulating without being frustrating, leaving your dog satisfied and settled. While “a tired dog is a happy dog”, physical exercise alone is not enough. Canine enrichment is a key puzzle piece to satisfying your dog’s needs and living harmoniously.

Lickimats are perfect for dogs who are new to dog enrichment as well as more experienced problem-solvers.

LickiMats are:

  • 20 x 20 cm (8″ x 8″)
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes (supervise until sure they will not chew mat)
  • Freezer safe – perfect for making a summertime treat
  • Hand washable
  • Entertaining for your dog with mental stimulation
  • Soothing for separation anxiety in dogs through environmental enrichment
  • A tough dog treat toy made from non-toxic material
  • Ideal for dogs who are on crate rest recovering from injury

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Playdate, Buddy, Soother, Set of 3


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