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Fish Twisters

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Fish Twisters

100% Mackerel fillets (with skin on for added nutrients) wrapped around a stick of Shark Cartilage.

These treats have all the nutrients and benefits of shark cartilage with a Mackerel twist to entice and delight your best friend.

Fish Twisters dog treats are a delicious, natural, and healthy product, so you can be sure your dog is getting only the best! Made from Australian shark cartilage, and wrapped with Australian Mackerel, these pet treats contain no additives or preservatives, only natural Australian fish.

The shark cartilage is rich in calcium which will help to strengthen bones, and the mackerel is high in omega 3, which will reduce joint inflammation, improve brain function, and increase coat health. They also act as a great dental chew and will help to remove tartar build up on your dog’s teeth. Overall, a delicious treat filled with health benefits!

All of our shark products are derived from either North Queensland Blacktip Sharks or Australian Gummy Sharks. They are both highly common sharks in Australia and are caught using sustainable practices in accordance with the Australian Fisheries Regulations.

We ensure no endangered sharks are used in our products. The sharks used in our products are deemed “Least Concern” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. As with all of our fish products, we use only the ‘left-overs’ from human consumption so nothing is wasted.

No additives or preservatives – air dried to keep it fresher for longer.

Pack size:

  • 1 kg (Approximately 25 fish twisters)

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