Duck Jerky Breast Fillets, small pieces suitable for training

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500 gram pack of Duck Jerky Breast Fillets

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Duck Jerky for your dog

Our 100% Duck Jerky Breast Fillets are premium natural dog treats. Made in Australia and available in 500 gram packs. The jerky is thinly sliced, so you get many treats in each bag.

These treats have a rich smell which will help to entice your dog. They are a great option for rewarding your pup with something special, such as an after-bath treat or as the centrepiece of a frozen kong. They are thin and flexible enough to fit into a variety of treat-dispensing toys.

Our team dogs just love these flavour-packed natural duck jerky treats. We keep them in the cupboard so they’re ready to grab at a moment’s notice for special training opportunities. Some of our greedier dogs like to hang around the cupboard just in case! Grab a pack today and treat your dog to something special.

Pack Sizes:

  • 500 grams

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