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Duck Jerky Dog Treats – thinly sliced in a 500 gram Bulk Value Pack

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Our Duck Jerky Dog Treats  have a taste and aroma that dogs instinctively crave – thinly sliced in a 500 gram bulk value pack.

  • Thinly sliced
  • approximately 13cm long
  • Easy to break up into training aid bite size
  • Duck Jerky is Grain and Gluten free
  • Packed with protein
  • Duck Jerky have a taste and aroma that dogs instinctively crave.
  • 500 gram Bulk Bag

These treats are perfect for:

  • stuffing a Kong toy to give your dog a job to do
  • a reward for desirable behaviour
  • a bedtime treat – great for establishing routine
  • When you care about the quality of the treats you give your best friend, you can be sure that we’ve sourced the highest quality natural dog treats we could find. All photos are of typical products and should act as a guide only. As all of our products are natural, each is unique and therefore will vary in size, shape & colour. We always recommend that you treat your dog like a toddler and supervise them against the risk of choking or misadventure when giving them chew toys or treats.With our range of healthy natural dog treats, you can be sure you’re only giving your dog the best. If your dog loves these, they might also enjoy Goat horns or Pork Tendons. For larger dogs, we recommend  Moo Chew or beef steer pizzles.