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Double Ended Dog Lead

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Our double-ended dog lead is length-adjustable and features clasps at both ends

The double-ended dog lead is an extremely versatile design as it is length-adjustable and features clasps at both ends as well as two D-rings along the length of the lead. This lead can be used as a regular dog leash and also has the ability to work as a temporary tether.

We recommend these leads to our training clients, particularly when introducing dogs to training halters. With one clasp attached to the halter and the other attached to the dog’s collar, you have well-balanced double control to desensitise and settle a pulling dog.

Made of high quality materials, the double-ended dog leash is strong and comfortable to hold.

Your choice of either thick or thin style.

  • Thick: 6′ (1800mm) long, 25mm wide.
  • Thin: 6′ (1800mm) long, 17mm wide.

Colour: Black

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